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Emulating Mod Organizer's Virtual File System



Hi, I'm working on making my own mod manager similar to Mod Organizer as part of a computer science independent study. I've figured out how all the GUI bits, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to code Mod Organizer's signature virtual file system. At first I thought of creating symlinks with my code, but this guide put me onto the trail of "hooking," and specifically recommended trying EasyHook. While I think can understand the underlying concept of hooking (essentially intercepting signals from the OS and redirecting them for whatever purpose), I don't really know how to make the hook actually redirect files. After a few hours of digging all I've learned is that documentation and examples of this hooking system are scant.


My question is: how might I create this on the fly file system or make Windows "pretend" a directory full of mod files is somewhere else.


If anyone knows a good resource for this kind of hooking or has better approach to my problem, I'd appreciate the help.

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You could examine the source code of MO on Sourceforge. It doesn't use EasyHook though.

I took a look through it but without proper context it ends up looking like a lot of gibberish. I could likely work my way through it with enough time; however, I'd rather work from the ground up than work backwards from someone else's code if I can.


Thanks for the advice though.

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