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RSS FEEDS & HTTPS [S.T.E.P. Wiki & Forums]


I am wondering if the following are active, or can be used with STEP Wiki & Forum:


Is not, can there be? PM me if a problem. Thank you!


I like using apps like Newsify ::D:


EDIT: I see "feed.png" in pages elements, so I think RSS/atam isn't configured




I found a brief RSS (atom) link (non-https)  method for, say, STEP Project 2.2.9 page:



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    • By z929669
      Up until a week or so ago, forum members that had never logged into the wiki prior to Feb 12, 2021 were unable to log onto the Step wiki. Why? We had permissions missing after the site move at that time.
      Since nobody mentioned it until @Ruedii did so a couple of weeks ago, we never knew it. It should be fixed now, so that anyone that has forum membership should once again be able to log onto the wiki with same member name and password.
      note that if your member name begins with a lower case letter, it will need to be upper case for the wiki user name. This is just a wiki thing, so no getting around it. Once logged in, simply check the box so that future logins don't require a password (if browser cookies are enabled).
    • By Ruedii
      I'm logged into the forum with my new account, and the login won't work for the wiki.

      I'd like to add some comments to suggest corrections and additions to the Skyrim ini and general ini sections. 

      One correction is on the "u" prefix:  This means unsigned integer.
    • By aufisch
      Every single time I want to log into these forums I have to reset my password. At first I thought that my goldfish-brain just couldn't remember it. But then I even wrote it down and I am now sure that I had to reset my password at least three times in the last two days, even though I am absolutely positive that I had my password correctly. I can't see anything that needs to be set to "trusted" in noScript (stepmodification.org is set to trusted).
      Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?
      Edit: I am on Firefox 90.0.2
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