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[Help] Understanding Packages - PKID?




Umm.. I think it's been rather a long day and I just realized that there isn't really a conflict here. Could someone please just mark this as closed or delete the thread?


Sorry about this.



Hello, I hope that I'm posting this in the right section, if not someone please kindly move this thread.


Before I begin, I've looked up the definition of Packages on the CK website, and I've also taken a look at the PACK record for Tes5Edit on the UESP Wiki. To my understanding, packages are what determine the behavior of the NPC. I've also taken a look at this thread regarding the importance of the order of PKIDs.


Moving onto the question,


I'm trying to understand this patch regarding Requiem 1.8.2 and BOYD. The patch in question that I'm looking at can be found here.


The record I'm looking at is the very first one (FormID: 0001336D) for the NPC Dirge. Looking through the defined Packages, I see that the patch author omitted a PKID from Requiem in favor of the USKP. I'm not too confident with making a decision of whether or not I should override that value with my own patch to favor the PKID from Requiem, or rather to combine it with the USKP.


Could someone kindly explain to me in general terms if what I'm about to list below makes any sense?


  1. If I were to leave things the way they are, would this result in the actor not behaving the way intended by Requiem?
  2. If I were to create my own override and overwrite the PKID of the USKP in favor of Requiem, then should the NPC behave the way intended by Requiem? If this is true, would point 3 be optimal?
  3. If I were to create my own override and merge the PKID from both Requiem and the patch, would the general logic of adding the Requiem PKID after be advised in favor of the USKP, whereas with another mod I would prioritize Requiem?

I really hope I'm making sense and that what I've understood so far is right.


Here's a screenshot of specifically what I'm looking at for those that do not want to download both mods.


Thanks for the help!

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