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crashing at intro dragon shout...cant figure it out??


Hey all.  I've played through Skyrim with many different mod configs several times, and have decent knowledge of MO, WryeBash, etc.  Always had my share of ctd issues, texture issues, bad fps, etc.  So, I decided to start from scratch with STEP Core-Extended and make a stable, high quality game that I could build upon.  I have plenty of machine (I7-2700K, EVGA GTX970, 16MB RAM, SSD, etc) playing at 1440 27" display.  I went through the STEP Core meticulously...

  • all utilities re installed
  • MO set up
  • INI's set
  • video card set via Inspector
  • cleaned the vanilla ESMs
  • re installed SKSE, Ugrids and ENBoost
  • re installed Skyrim and DLcs, and all the mods through 2.G. using instructions provided

So I start up a new clean game thru MO/SKSE, all looks great up until Alduin mounts the tower and I CTD just before he lets out his shout.  Tried it a couple more times, exact same thing.  Deactivated all but the core mods...same thing.  Deactivated SKSE, same CTD same time.   I've double checked everything, installed Memory Blocks Log and all looks good (512MB & 256MB), checked my ENBoost settings, can't find any reason for this.  


Anyone know of anythiing specific to this scene that could be the issue, or any other ideas??



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The initial scenes are very heavily scripted tutorial scenes and it is quite likely the Papyrus script engine has just given up and crashed.

You can try disabling all, or most, heavy script mods and running the game to a point after you escape Helgen and then save, quit out, load up the other script intensive mods, and reload from there.


Judging by your specs and the desired mod load you are trying to run, STEP Core-Extended, I can't see why your system would collapse, but you never know.

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If you are running with higher ugrids.... dont until after the intro sequence. 

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