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SR:LE No moves after restored saved game

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Hi everybody,


After a very very very long journey installating SR:LE (all the topics, step by step til the end), i've louched the game : YES !!!

Everything runs fine untile i restore a saved game : my character doesn't move. DAMN !!!

No more crosshair, character just "balance" but no moves possible. No problem with anymations around (sound, NPC, Dragon at Helgen)...

Restart the game from the begining (helgen), and again, no probleme til i restore.


Any sugestion how to investigate ?

Should i deseable mods one by one (can't imagine the time for...) ?


Thank's for your help



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I am unable to get the character to move if I have a save where he is in the tower with the storm cloaks. Don't bother saving in the tower. Saves before the execution scene and after escaping into the keep are fine.


This is not a FNIS related issue (as the character is not in T pose).

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Yes, Run FNIS, after SR Patch



I mean load a saved game, not an old one from previous game



You're the one : saved games after escaping dungeon works fine ::D:

Is this a random behavior or everyone is concerned ?


I encounter some CTD (after character's death for exemple), have to work on this now ...


Thanks for your help and what a beautiful Mod.

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