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Keeping Files Separate



Hi STEP Forums,


As I am completing my STEP:Extended install (finished Core yesterday), an assumption I made came up. When a mod requires multiple files from its Nexus page, I have been keeping them separate instead of Merging (the Main File and additional files have their own folders on the left of Mod Organizer). The additional files are placed after the Main File, ordered exactly how STEP or the Nexus page instructed to or presented them.


I have been assuming that files with the same name (files that would be overwritten if actually merged) are "overwritten" in the virtual folder Mod Organizer creates when loading Skyrim. That is to say, I assume the file furthest down takes priority. I wanted to confirm that and make sure I did not have to actually merge a mod's additional files with its Main File. If it amounts to the same effect, I prefer this method to remember which items I have downloaded/installed and to easily update items in the future (even if I keep a few redundant files).



Thank you in advance for reading. I greatly appreciate any responses! :)


- PoliteMaster

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