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BSA files



Just reinstalled Skyrim from scratch via disc.

Using Skyrim installation guide and up to DLC page.

"HD Textures DLC Fix Loose Files Version and install"

Just noticed the files in my Skyrim folder are all in BSA form rather than folders

like textures, meshes, sounds etc.


Do I have to convert back to folders etc????

Any help appreciated...............

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Bethesda provides the resource files they create for Skyrim in BSA format. If you are referring to files named "Skyrim - xxxx.bsa" where xxxx is the name of a type of resource such as Sounds, then these are the Bethesda files and are fine as is.

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Short answer: No, just leave them alone and everything should work fine.


Long answer:

All the Vanilla assets come prepackaged as BSAs, but any loose files should overwrite them as long as the BSA is included in the sResourceArchiveList parameter of your Skyrim.ini (as all the Vanilla assets should be).  

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