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Error in STEP Guide


Sorry don't know where else to post this.


I just noticed on this page of the guide under 1.D.1 Skyrim INI

;Improves shadow changes as the sun moves through the sky
fSunShadowUpdateTime=0.25    ;Transition time of sun-shadow movement
fSunUpdateThreshold=1.5    ;Time between sun-shadow movement
iPresentInterval = 1    ;This line needs to be manually added, as it is misplaced into SkyrimPrefs.ini by Skyrim! - REQUIRED by ENBoost

And on the AMD CCC section of the guide under Profile

Frame Rate Control

    Wait for Vertical Refresh: Off, unless application specifies (NOTE: ENBoost will control vsync, but be certain to DELETE iPresetInterval=*from SkyrimPrefs.ini and ADD iPresetInterval=1 to Skyrim.ini under [Display]) 

I'm under the impression that in reference to iPresentInterval this is the same statment however the top reads "iPresentInterval" and the lower reads "iPresetInterval"

As the default SkyrimPrefs.ini "iPresentInterval" is the one listed, I will presume this is correct and the AMD CCC version has been misspelled in both casses.




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