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Couple of Questions (May be updated with more)

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Hi everyone!


After a relatively successful install of STEP Core and Extended, I thought I'd give Revisited a shot and see how my luck fares. Just have some confusion with parts of the guide.


Here it is suggest to remove the Tamriel.Objects.DDS file but doesn't mention what to do with the Tamriel.Objects_n.DDS that is the same directory.

And here it suggests to make a copy of a file before renaming. Am I unsure whether the original is to be kept or deleted after the copy has been created and renamed?



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Neovalen if that is your upload,

Can you unachive the one inside the root of the first archive.

so that people just need to bring up the manual install and select one then istall, followed by checking the other and installing rather than having to unarchive the two and then install each separately.


You can probably even get by, by merging the two unarchived folders. So that people only need to install once.


They should have dragonborn when using your guide

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the JaySus Swords mod contains a number of things





The plugins are NOT needed because Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade includes an option to use JaySuS swords because the plugin IS included with it


The only thing that Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade does not include is the meshes and the textures for the swords.


So thats why you still need to download the mod.

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Special Installation: Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s):

  • JSwords* (Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade removes the need for these plugin files.)


It only says delete the plugin files


CCOR still needs the mesh and textures folder



EDIT: Here is a quote from the CCOR mod page



INSTALLATION: First, install "JaySuS_Swords_v14" from Sharlikrans Compatibility Patches. Then make sure you DISABLE any .esp and .esm files that come with the main mod, including the distribution plugin. In CCO's mod menu, enable Jaysus Swords.

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JaySuS Swords in Sharlikrans compatibility patches got updated yesterday or the day before. There is a sticky notice in "Posts" forum by Sharlikran:


"The only exception is that JaySus Swords compatibility patch is now plugins only and requires the original mod to be installed. This is more in line with JaySus perms. Sorry if the change is an inconvenience to anyone. If you need loose files just use a BSA unpacker like BSAOpt."


Which actually means that in order to get the necessary assets, the original mod has to be downloaded and its bsa extracted.


I suppose that instructions in SR:LE guide need to be amended.


Thanks!  ::):

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