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Getting this weird glitch on new game...



Avid MO user here.


So after im not satisfied with my mods, i went ahead remove everything and reinstall the game again for a fresh start. (Re-install due to FNIS always screw things up for me)


I always kept some list of what to install first for my mods, then add new one to the list for more accurate results. but idky im having this problem.


First of all i use to have use the mods on vanilla races. It make me dissatisfied for the immersion of having NPCs have my animations so i re-do everything back from scratch now and im having this weird glitch where NPC animation is not moving correctly. 


picture here is for reference of what really happen after i finish set up on mod organizer. 


Posted Image



My installed mod list in MO


Posted Image



Long story short i really dont know where i screw up here ;_;

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The start movie is often screwed up like that. It's got to do with all your mods scripts firing and mods being loaded while the game's using memory to run the start sequence as well.


Couple of fixes:


1) Install Arthmoor's Alternate start mod. With that, you'll start in a cell, where you can design your character, while all the mods load and scripts fire. When you exit and the game asks you to choose your start, choose the 'caught crossing the border' start and you'll get the vanilla start sequence. Hopefully without glitches like horses at 90 degrees to travel direction, and carts upside down etc.


2) Hit the console key as soon as the Skyrim disappears. Leave it on console like that till your mods load.


3) I've had success limiting my FPS to 60 at the start. Do that via ENBoost or the ENB ini files if you're running one.


Have used all 3 of those with varying success.

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As Nozzer above me said,  this is due to scripts.


If limiting your FPS to 60 doesn't work, I'd suggest loading up the vanilla game until you get to Helgen and step out of the cart. Once you move forward and the Ralof get's called, save your game and exit. You should then be able to load up Skyrim through MO with all your mods, with no issues :)

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