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Confused about Load Order



Last time I played Skyrim there was a mod called "BOSS" and now I am using "LOOT"... anyway...


On the right of the screen is the ESP list.. and "loot" seams to sort this fine. (there is also a built in sort that is saying it is using a out of date "loot". so I am using the application with the run command


Anyway, on the left is the mod order. If for example I drag teh U-Skyri_Patch down to the bottom the stop sign shows an error with "potential mod problem" and a FIX button. I click that and the LEFT side is now sorted properly (I assume, there is now now error)


Anyway, isn't that what LOOT is suposed to do? How do I run the "left pannel sort" at will, I only ever see it is there is a "!" in the stop sign on the top right.


So I have 2 lists to sort? The Left and the Right.. and loot seams to sort the rioght fine.. but how about the left?

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The list on the left (I'm assuming you mean the left pane with priority on it) you can either click and drag the mod up or down below or above another mod or you can manually enter the number after double clicking the number of the mod you wish to change in the priority column.

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yeah, I understand what they do.. I was trying to ask about how the "auto sort" of the left can be done. If there is an error (say I drag out the unoffcial skyrim patch to the wrong place" a "1" mark apears on the stop sign on the top right. When you click on that there is a button "fix this" that runs a beat auto sort on the left pannle.


How can you run this auto sort at will? Or dose it only run from that stop icon thing?

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