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5 questons to clarify on mod load order.



  • When on the carriage at the beginning My game runs at 60FPS and lowers to 40-35 FPS briefly when it  gets to the city and stutters ... My VRAM is usually around 1700-1900 but goes to 2000MB at this point. I have a 2G GTX 760 I was wondering do the STEP patches lower the VRAM a bit because I haven't patched it yet, and should I change some things around now or after the patches are installed?
  • Regarding mod load order for the right pane, do I make sure it's exactly in the same order as shown on the guide (for correct overwrites of sound and graphics?)
  • The camera in first person is really high for some reason when I start the game is this normal or how do I change it? 
  • Also at the beginning when I am not directly looking at a NPC they become very quite is this normal?


[spoiler=Old answered questons]

  • Is Stable uGridsToLoad checked and if it is, do I loaded right before the Cleaned Update ESM in right pane? - YES checked
  • Is SKSE scripts box checked on the right pane in MO? - Yes must be checked else I get error that SKSE script not running and CTD
  • Is Distant Decal Fix box checked and Loaded right after Cleaned Update ESM? - Yes Checked
  • Some steps have multiple mods to download and install ex.- Optionals/Updates. When I install do I merge the files or do I install them as separate plugins?- Doesn't matter







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2) Yes, in the left pane. It has no right pane plugin because it is a SKSE plugin.

3) Yes, in the left pane. Again, I don't think this one has a right pane plugin.

4) No, sort with LOOT. We even added some rules for LOOT that you need to make the order correct. Left pane =/= right pane

5) Merge is recommended or you can install in separate mod folders to keep things more customizable.


A couple problems I'm seeing in your questions though. You have left pane and right pane mixed up in you questions I believe. Also, you seem to be confused about what the difference is between a mod and a plugin.


Left pane is the mods, or everything that you install with MO to modify the game. Not all mods have plugins, some are just replacers for vanilla stuff. All those should be checked.


Right pane is the plugins, or the ESPs and ESMs that the game reads for stats, quests, dialogue, names,... All those should be checked unless it is disabled by the Bashed Patcher. You usually run that at the end when everything is installed. 

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