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  1. O wow looking on youtube they have the mod for xbox since 2012? Just need a kinect
  2. Theres this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28448/? What it does is allows you to use your mic to perform dragon shouts. I would love if this was extended to: Spells, Commands for Followers, and the Dialogue for NPCs. How cool would that be instead of clicking on something to say? I know it would make the "conversation" feel a bit more real. Or instead using your hands to cast a spell you call out a spell name sorta like how the mod above works? and with followers omg there would be so much better team work. You could yell there name: "Vorstag Wait" or "Stay Quite"(sneaking, don't attack) argg the possiblltys. Besides being more immersive it would also free up interface menus and the like.
  3. Ok I understand where you are coming from and I COMPLETLY agree. I know for a fact that we can create "The Matrix" but in real life (just the world/program, not the hardware plugin to the back of the neck) but there comes a point where graphics are going to look so real that they can't improve them anymore. I recon once we get to that point of true Real-life graphics and lighting then we will start seeing a shift into more complex systems in video games like: complete world interactivty (interacting with EVERYTHING in a game world), self-aware NPC AI with human emotions and thought process, Time represention in a game ( like weather and time changing landscape, forest growing, NPC building citys or reshaping the world) But we gotta wait till the obsession with graphics is over which will be once we've hit real life graphics. With "Unlimited Detail" the models/texture side of Real Life graphics is complete and than we only gotta worry about Lighting.
  4. Heck screw the headset I just want those graphics. Like I know its been said before... but this is diffrent. Those graphics look REAL. REALLY REAL!
  5. Graphics by Euclideon? With VR Headset Support? Gots to be HI-DEF VR Headset but with Euclideon omg! WIN! https://kotaku.com/controversial-next-gen-graphics-tech-still-looks-too-go-1638927642
  6. Sorry if I came across rude or something. The reason I thought he was working with other people is from reading post from him he says "we" not I. But Being sleep deprived I didn't notice that these post were made more than 2 months age... anyway the [spoiler=Updates 1.72]- renamed Tree -> TreeObject, avoids conflicts with vanilla scripts - container weight count takes stack size in to account - added Actor.GetFactions - added Cell.GetWaterLevel - added Faction functions - added ActorValueInfo.GetCurrent/Base/MaximumValue - added Game.GetCurrentConsoleRef - added many node manipulation functions to NetImmerse - fixed SetHarvested to update the visual model as well as the object state - added kMessage_NewGame to SKSEMessagingInterface - added Enchantment.Get/SetKeywordRestrictions - initial implementation of array return types - fix crash caused by many simultaneous key tap/press/release commands - add OnNiNodeUpdate event to ActiveMagicEffect, Alias, Form - added experimental support for creating arrays larger than 128 entries - added Game.SetPlayerLevel. Works analogously to console command SetLevel called on the player technically it is more stable becuase of fix for crash and works better with vannilla scripts but i have never come across either of those issues. So unless one REALLY wanted to use the newest RaceGen than for a step install it would be better getting the previous version with SKSE 1.7.1
  7. PurpleLunchBox is not the only person working on SKSE unless he is smeagol/gollum.
  8. SKSE has a "beta" build 1.7.2. When using the newest RaceMenu it requires this "beta" build. After studying further it seems that the "beta" build will not in anyway break the game and is pretty much a full release, and bugs might only surface if you are using a mod that is using one of it's new features... of which none are being used except the new RaceMenu which has been bug tested by one of the developers of SKSE and been given the greenlight. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/879577-racemenu/page-837&do=findComment&comment=23805119 So if this is the case I suggest install instructions for STEP say to install SKSE version 1.07.02 as it actually is more bug free than the previous version.
  9. Hey I have been in contact with one of the administrators about permission to Update the Requeim Pack. I also have been speaking to one of the Requeim patch makers and he's also keen on me making a Step Pack. So If you would like to work together that would be great? Also I think it would be better to make a guide for S.T.E.P with Requiem 1.8.3 as both will be released soon. I'll PM you.
  10. Hey there so I'm currently in the process of making a S.T.E.P Pack and I was wondering how much longer until comes out? If soon I will follow the guide instead. Will there be any other major changes?
  11. Thanks for that. I had my Bashed Patch in my MOD order wrong spot so I changed that around and re did the patch as instructed. I give an update if that fixed it. A few things I noticed from playing were crashes happens outside, also sometimes when an RIGHT AFTER an enemy kills me I get crashes.. And when I load into a new enviroment Frostfall stops working. Ohhh and also alot of items from immersive weapons, immersive armours are not being altered with the Maximus patch. But hopefully redoing the maximus, asis, bashed setup will have fixed that.
  12. I recently made a reduced version of step and revisited becuase I don't find graphics that important. My game runs quite well with only a few issues that I'm betting is problem with my mod setup which is [spoiler=Load Order]Skyrim.esm Update.esmUnofficial Skyrim Patch.espDawnguard.esmUnofficial Dawnguard Patch.espHearthFires.esmUnofficial Hearthfire Patch.espDragonborn.esmUnofficial Dragonborn Patch.espFalskaar.esmWyrmstooth.espApachiiHair.esmClimatesOfTamriel.esmHighResTexturePack01.espHighResTexturePack02.espHighResTexturePack03.espCutting Room Floor.espEnhancedLightsandFX.espClimatesOfTamriel-Dragonborn-Patch.espThieves Guild Requirements.espRealisticRoomRental-Basic.espdD-No Spinning Death Animation.espCoT-WeatherPatch_DB.espCombat Evolved.espHothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.espmintylightningmod.espTwoRings.espfFastTravelSpeedMult_4.espDual Wield Parrying_SKSE.espSkyUI.espLootandDegradation.espTradeBarter.espMintyLightningMod_COT_Patch.espBFSEffects.espSMDropLitTorch.espShootingStars.espParalyze.espClimatesOfTamriel Falskaar.espAuto Unequip Ammo.espRaceMenuPlugin.espWeapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.espRealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Falskaar.espReduced Distance NPC Greetings.espCoT-WeatherPatch.espCoT-WeatherPatch_NL3.espCoT-WeatherPatch_Snow-40.espRaceMenu.espRainbows.espVioLens.espWhen Vampires Attack.espYou Hunger.espELFX - Dragonborn.espAOS.espTraps Are Dangerous.esprandomthunder.espWeapons & Armor_TrueOrcish&DaedricWeapons.espAOS2_CoT3_1_patch.espClimatesOfTamriel-Dawnguard-Patch.espSupreme Storms - Cot Version.espCoT-WeatherPatch_SupStorms.espELFX - Exteriors.espELFX - Dawnguard.espRealisticWaterTwo.espRealisticWaterTwo - Falskaar.espClothing & Clutter Fixes.espComplete Crafting Overhaul_Remade.espWeapons & Armor_DragonPriestMasks.espSkyrim Immersive Creatures.espBetter Vampires.espELFXEnhancer.espRealisticWaterTwo - Wyrmstooth.espHelgen Reborn.espOBIS.espImmersive Weapons.espWeaponsArmorFixes_ImmersiveWeapons_Patch.espSkyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.espCCO_SIC_Patch.espHigh Level Enemies - SIC.espOBISDB.espCivil War Overhaul.espRealisticNeedsandDiseases.espCCO_WAFTrueWeapons_Patch.espHigh Level Enemies - SIC Falskaar.espHothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.espBFT Ships and Carriages.espCloaks.espRealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.espTheChoiceIsYours.espRun For Your Lives.espPoint The Way.espImmersive Patrols II.espSkyRe_StandingStones.espChesko_Frostfall.espCCO_Frostfall_Patch.esp1nivWICCloaksCRAFT.espdD - Enhanced Blood Main.espImproved Combat Sounds v2.2.espdD-DG-DB-Immersive Creatures EBT Patch.espdD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.espiHUD.espquest_pitfighter.espRealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Wyrmstooth.espThe Paarthurnax Dilemma.espBrevi_MoonlightTales.espGildergreen Regrown.espTheChoiceIsYours_Dawnguard.espPerkusMaximus_Master.espDeadlyDragons.espPerkusMaximus_Thief.espPerMa Expansion 1 - Wintermyst.espPerkusMaximus_Mage.espPerkusMaximus_Warrior.espquest_pitfighter_dlc01.espAlternate Start - Live Another Life.espASIS-Dependency.espASIS.espPatchusMaximus.espBashed Patch, 0.esp Sometimes outdoors random CTD's especially when loading adter a death 50% time it crashes. Game freezes up and I have to manually shutdown my computer. I haven't done any merge mods through TES5Edit becuase as far as I know it is only for saving space for mods? Is there any mods I am missing or should "load after" in Loot? Any mods I don't need? Should I merge mods like Real Water Two, CCO Patches? Thanks
  13. I have this mod as I backed up all Step Mods from November 2014
  14. I have this mod cause I backed up all my mods but only low res version: Mushroom retexture pack Low res version-29935-1-1
  15. Hey I was wondering where in the Mod Order (left pane) this mod goes. I have the Telvanni Reborn as I had a backup of all mods from November 2014. I also have Unknown Enchants which seems to be taken of the list where did that go again? Also I have a file called "Mushroom retexture pack Low res version-29935-1-1" that used to be in step as well?
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