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SKSE & LAA flag



A few months ago I read a thread in Nexus forums about how SKSE didn't have the LAA flag applied. I used info from OP (MartG66) even though my performance&stability were good at the time. It did seem to improve performance slightly (maybe placebo effect - didn't benchmark test just used visuals and smoothness of game while running around - definitely didn't break anything or cause negative effects).....


Well, when updating to most recent version of SKSE noticed same thing about LAA flag not applied so just went in and changed it.


I know that you STEP guys will know better than me if this change matters/makes a difference so here is link the OP


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It's an injector it doesn't allocate memory itself, all it does it modify tesv.exe

Does this mean that making the change suggested in post has no impact and is not needed?

That is the reason I brought this topic over here because I figured someone here would be able to informatively say if this made a difference or not. Nobody on the Nexus forums really questioned the change and just did it. To me it seemed like a pretty big deal if this change made a dramatic difference, and I wasn't really sure if it did or not.

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