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STEP Core map problem


First post hello,


I've recently installed the complete STEP Core, as per 2.2.8. All seems rather fine so far; however, my map looks like this:


Posted Image


I don't think it's supposed to look this way - there aren't any roads and it's generally kind of crap. My installation order and priorities are pretty much exactly as suggested by STEP and the only extra mods (on top of STEP Core) are the Green Water Fix and RCRN.


The complete MO modlist.txt:




# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
+Green Water Fix
+STEP - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project
+Non-Essential Children
+When Vampires Attack
+Traps Make Noise - More Dangerous Traps
+The Paarthurnax Dilemma
+Skyrim -Community- Uncapper
+Run For Your Lives
+No NPC Greetings
+Move it Dammit for NPC Companions and Followers
+Gildergreen Regrown
+Auto Unequip Ammo
+Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds
+Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds
+Smooth blades draw and sheath
+Realistic wolf howls
+Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door
+Improved Combat Sounds
+IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds
+Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul
+Dragons Shout with Voice
+Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2
+Better Weapon Swing Sounds
+Better Horse Pain Sounds
+Better Animal Footsteps
+Sweet Mother - the Night Mother Improvement
+Super Realistic Ore Textures
+Soul Gems Differ
+Skyrim Redesigned
+Silly Level of Detail - Wine Cellar -- SLOD WC
+Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons -- SLOD PnP
+Septim HD
+Pilgrims Delight - High Hrothgar Shrine Retextures
+Not Really HD Keys
+N-R HD Display Case
+Mystery Modders Shrines HD
+Intricate Spider Webs
+HQ Paper
+HD Sacks Retexture
+HD Ore And Ingots
+HD Linens
+HD Baskets Retex
+Enhanced HD Dragon Bones 1k v1.6a
+Detailed Rugs
+Better Shadowmarks
+Running with a bow 3rd person
+NoMaaM Breathing Idles BBB
+No Spinning Death Animation
+Finer Dust
+Dawnguard Rune Weapons FXS Replacer
+Better Turn Animation only One pose
+Ultimate HD Torch
+Not Really HD Mask of Clavicus Vile
+Nightingale Prime HD
+New Thinner Torch
+Improved Closefaced Helmets -- WAF and CCF Compatible Versions
+Improved closefaced helmets
+Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux
+Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project
+Elemental Staffs
+Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows
+Dawnguard Crossbow Explosive Bolts Visualized
+Skyforge Hotfix
+Bonemold Hotfix
+aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Armors
+Natural Eyes
+Better Male Feet
+XCE - Dawnguard
+XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement
+Dawnguard Rewritten - Arvak
+Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures
+new children
+More Realistic Hair
+Frost Atronach HD Retex
+Female Vampires Have Fangs
+Diverse Priests
+Cover Khajiits
+Better Freckles
+Better Beast Races v2
+Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack
+Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack
+Whiterun Trellis Redesigned and HQ
+Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised
+Visible Windows
+Terrain Bump
+Telvanni reborn
+Skyrim Improved Puddles
+Skyrim Distant Detail
+Realistic Water Two
+Realistic Mushrooms
+Real Ice
+Point The Way
+Moss Rocks - Dragonborn DLC Addon
+Moss Rocks
+Improved Vanilla Mountains HD
+Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture
+HQ Snow Texture
+High Quality LODs
+Enhanced Night Skyrim
+Enhanced Distant Terrain
+HD Enhanced Terrain
+Dragon Glyphs HD - Fixed
+aMidianBorn Solstheim Landscape
+Skyrim Flora Overhaul
+A Quality World Map
+Enhanced Distant Terrain 2
+High Quality Food and Ingredients
+Tobes Highres Textures
+HD Misc
+Serious HD Retexture Skyrim
+Static Mesh Improvement Mod
+SkyFalls + SkyMills
+Ultimate HD Fire Effects
+Realistic Smoke and Embers
+Ruins Clutter Improved
+Jewels of the Nord - HD rings and necklaces
+Unknown Enchants
+Smaller Cursor
+Skill Interface Re-Texture
+Main Font Replacement
+Lockpicking interface retex
+High Quality 3D Map
+Better MessageBox Controls
+Better Dialogue Controls
+Compatibility Patch - Guard Dialogue Overhaul
+Weapons and Armor Fixes - Remade with Dawnguard and Dragonborn support
+Unofficial High Resolution Patch
+Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
+Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
+Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
+Unofficial Skyrim Patch
+Trade and Barter
+Smart Souls
+Skyrim Project Optimization
+SKSE -Elys- AltF4
+Guard Dialogue Overhaul
+Fuz Ro Doh
+Fast travel timescale fix
+DCF plugin
+Distant Decal Fix
+Dead Body Collision Fix
+Consistent Older People
+Brawl Bugs Patch - Plugins - Modder Resource
+Bowlegged jump animation Fix
+Argonian Decapitation Fix
+Appropriately Attired Jarls
+Stable uGridsToLoad
+skse alpha data

If anyone's got any suggestions, I'll be most grateful! :)

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OK, I've just fixed my own problem, well done me.


I checked the MO filetree for AQWM and sure enough, the folder and file structure was there, but all files were 0 bytes in length. I redownloaded the mod (installer version) and installed via MO, same result. I then repackaged the mod choosing the STEP Core recommended version (main roads only, hi-res) and installed the new archive. It worked fine.


Is this a problem with AQWM installer? Can anyone confirm? The latest version of the mod is from 2012, so it hasn't changed since STEP 2.2.8.


I'll go through other STEP Core mods to make sure it didn't happen anywhere else. So far it doesn't seem to be installer-dependent (as SMIM installed fine).

Edited by WuXeS

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It sounds like you have the beta 1.2 version installed. If so, upgrade to the 1.2.1 beta which fixes the problem. 1.2 beta had a problem in the fomod installer for some C# fomod archives, which A Quality World Map is one of them.

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Thank you! Do you know of any other specific mods that were affected?

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Any archive that was installed with the NCC installer could be affected. For STEP, I can only think of SkyUI and AQWM that use them, but I'm not sure.

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