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Dual Sheath Issues

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I haven't used Dual Sheath Redux for the longest time, because I don't usually play dual wield.  But in the current play through I am, so I figure I will install this following the Skyrim Revisited instructions (the latest in development one).


My Skyrim is no strictly SR or STEP for that matter, I have a lot more weapon mods installed, like Lore Weapons etc.  


Following the instructions, I have swords on back with the correct animations, but the LEFT sword of my current weapon doesn't appear on my back.  I have many of the "weapon packs" installed to cover the meshes.  I haven't tested it out with some vanilla equipment (at work at the moment, hate the real world). 


Am I correct to assume that the left sword is missing from my back because that particular weapon is missing the left mesh, and so isn't quite compatible with Dual Sheath Redux?  


(If my assumption is correct, all I have to do is identify which mod the sword is from and see if I missed install its mesh pack?)

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Left hand weapon (with DSR mesh pack installed) equipped and sheathed?

Did you run the DSR skyproc patcher & activate the DSR patch in your load order?


The mod is great for all manner of immersion btw, having shields appear not only on your back but on the backs of npcs is very nice.

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Problem was readily fixed, just missed installing the relative weapon's DSR mesh.  Thanks redirishlord.

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