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For convenience: visual clue for hidden files; rename in download-column


If this isn't the right place to add suggestions, I'd appreciate it if you could redirect me to the proper forum/thread.


1. Automatically add a visual clue if files are hidden in a mod


On occasion, I prefer a texture from an earlier placed mod, so I hide the file that overrides it later.


At the moment, I add a note that tells me what I did so that I don't forget to unhide a file when my mod structure changes.


But it would be great if there was an automatically generated visual clue whenever files are hidden: a different mod name colour, or an icon (a ghost maybe, or a crossed circle, an "x" - doesn't matter).


That way, anyone who uses this feature would be reminded to check the mod carefully before switching mods.



2. Rename downloaded mods in the downloads-column


Generally, the names of files reflect the name of the mod. But not always. Especially optional files often lack a clear reference to the corresponding main file.


Luckily, MO allows the renaming of files in the download folder and "Query Info" adds neccessary meta-information.


It would be more convenient, however, if we could rename the files in the download column and the already present correct meta-information would be automatically associated with the new file name.


And in case it needs to be said: these are suggestions, not demands. I appreciate the work that went into the development of MO as much as the result.

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Iirc for most suggestions there already is a ticket in the issue tracker. Please check that before creating a new one.

I agree with a visual indicator (flag) for hidden files. When you hide a file the filename is extended with the the extension .mohidden. I use a search program (search everything which is EXTREMELY fast ) which I point to the /mods directory to look them up. As a mod in MO is nothing more then a directory in /mods you can very conveniently find mods with hidden files. By removing the .mohidden extension its again visible (included in the VFS)

Esp/esm files can be hidden (excluded from the virtual filing system as well). You could use 'hide' for this as well but I use the 'optional esp's' tab (information window by double clicking a mod) for that. When you make an esp/esm file 'optional' for a mod a directory called optional is created in the /mods/ directory and the esp/esm is put there. I just search for directories called optional to find them back.

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