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Monitor turns on and off during gameplay


So ever since I installed the newest drivers from nvidia whenever I play Skyrim occasionally my monitor turns off says something along the lines of no signal and then comes back on. So far I've never had it happen when I was in an interior, the only times it's happened is when I'm entering/exiting somewhere or randomly outside. I don't know when it'll happen when I'm exploring Skyrim outside, it just seems to do it's thing. I don't know when I'm entering/exiting a building or what-have-you either, just that when it happens it only happens when the game seems to finish loading.


I've Googled it and the most frequent answer I got was faulty videocard and/or power supply. Does anyone else have this issue or know what the problem is?


Edit: Going by Skyrim Performance Monitor it seems like everything just plummets when the monitor goes out. I'll put up an image to show, it's right near the end. Also the long period where everything was roughly equal was when I started up the game and took a shower, so that's why it's like that, haha.


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   First i have had this before.


 Once it was because the cable to the back of the monitor was partially pulled loose and when gaming it would loose connection. cause i would shake the desk. (Check all connections)


 Once it was because of a failing Power supply. System was taxing it for years and Power supply's loose efficiency as they get older. (USE OCCT to test Power supply)


  Once it was of faulty Driver install and or crappy driver. I have been Nvidia for a long time and some of their drivers are well CRAP. Try reverting to the driver that was released at the time (age) of your video card. sometimes newest is not best.


I cant quite read that pic , but i can make out that your Nvidia. the last few drivers have had this problem (monitor blanks out) roll back to an older driver. Check the Nvidia site there are tons of posts on this, think you have to go back to a 314 something driver to have a stable one. I am using 334.89. Before that i tried many of the crap ones and always defaulted back to my rock stable 290.53 driver. Nvidia has been rolling out drivers like mad in the last year.


Being that its just a blank screen (no signial) i wouldent think Driver because your not getting the "driver has recovered" message. So i would suggest, connections and power supply. Also try re-seating the card, vibrations are a pain.


Yes i am old, and have had a lot of things happen...lmao



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