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  1. just ran into this bug...no clue what to look for in xxedit....sigh. cant even remove TCIY as its part of the step patch. Wondering if this is a load order issue?...My LO is sorted by LOOT v 7. Gonna pop open xxedit and see of anything jumps out at me...lol =============== EDIT:...reading the journal at the camp starts the Quest...disregard this.
  2. LOOT is BOSS version 3. Just get used to LOOT, we have ways to force a mod into place. META Data Global Priorities Load After These can be used to place a mod anywhere in a load order.
  3. I DO use the Stress test as a way to know for a fact i can load just about the entire game , and all areas without crashing. My last setup , STEP + Extended + 150 other mods (253 total) 2K HD...bla bla.. I got bored at 45 mins , covered teh entire game map a few times , never crashed. Went on with that game setup for 170 hours , level 38 , played many many 8 hour sessions...As a Stability test ..I trust it. SPM Graph (45 min stress test.) Fly low , Fly fast...lol
  4. Things to check and or change to see a difference.... Try turning everything OFF in Nvidia Inspector, make sure you are on the "Skyrim Profile" when doing so. (Check FPS with SPM) Turn Everything OFF in the Original Game Launcher. You should have a steady 60 FPS. Generate NEW ini files, (Delete old and run default launcher), this will generate 2 INI files...Skyrim.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini. (Do not modify) For Kicks....Delete Renderinfo.txt. Run the Default launcher, it will generate a New renderinfo.txt and scan your computer hardware again. Download SPM (Skyrim Performance Monitor) , run that while playing, Post a graph here for viewing. :) ON the INTRO i get 100 FPS,...have done a boat load of "Benchmark runs" for STEP, during the ride if you look back and or UP you get higher FPS then looking Forward....I see teh higest FPS after going thru the Gate, just before the kid speaks , look to left, i get a solid 100 all the way till stopping....:) OHH..and a point commonly missed,...Try different Drivers, Nvidia is know for crap drivers at times, latest is not always best, start from the Driver that shipped with your card! The 300 series drivers had a crap ton of bad driver sets. I uninstalled about 10 drivers during the 300 series fiasco...Also , make doubly sure you are getting the correct OS when choosing a driver set. X86 VS X64 and the correct card. Still using a pair of 580's in sli. And can say drivers can make or break the game Skyrim.
  5. HI, Been fighting this for hours. The patcher runs (patchus maxumis) but stops on the 4th mod in my list "Unoficial Dawnguard patch" saying "missing master UNoficial Skyrim patch"..... Yes the USKP is active and in my load order...PIC Seamed like PaMa (patchus Maximus), was not seeing mods from MO , i tried to copy the LoadOrder.txt from profiles and place in the APPdata folder, did not help. The patcher at first refused to Run, edited the argument line with Xmx....and it started working, added the no stream to it also but no go..this was the last Argument i tried.. -jar "E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\ModOrganizer\mods\Perkus Maximus - Maximum Perk Overhaul\SkyProc Patchers\T3nd0_PatchusMaximus\PatchusMaximus.jar" "-Xmx1024m" -NOSTREAM List of others i tried Ran as Admin,,,even tho UAC is disabled and am the only admin. All other patchers worked before...Duel sheath, AV, ReProccer, Unfortunately this is a heavily modded setup (Step +++ ) 253 mods total. Really not looking forward to starting the Installs over, to add this to my game , i was going to start a new Character but wanted to keep my setup...lol UPDATE:...Turns out this was an error caused by outdated "Unofficial patches" i had version 203, updating all Unofficial patches to 207 gothe patcher working... Update 2...had a serious bug trying to slipstream Perma into a working setup. (in game map vanished) ...so I ....closed my eyes and nuked everything....sigh...a 253 mod setup..gone...i was gonna start a new game with the old setup , but say la V. Then during the first part of STEP..i found i still had a MIA map..total blank...it was NOT the set-up after all. IT IS a bug with Wrye bash ...GRRRR. I can cause and fix it at will now, so at least i know what it was...:) At a loss....Mo fights with me sometimes....:)...in this case it is winning.
  6. sorry to butt in here... Seeing how your computer runs Skyrim will help everyone , Download SPM (Skyrim Performance Monitor) install, Run that while playing for a while or till Crash.(preferably till crash) so everyone can SEE what is happening while you play. Post the Graph. Get ENBBoost running. IF you are getting crashes while loading with ENB then you have a program that ENB does not like, anything with an overlay IE: Msi afterburner, STEAM, Razer game booster, to name a few. TO rule out programs try a "Safe BOOT" If ENB loads it is something that is set to load with windows...find it. ENBBoost does a lot to make the game stable, without it i crash, with it i can run 254 mods and play for 6 hours straight. Have you tried the Stability test>>Google "Vurts Stress test". On the flora overhaul page, near bottom..Stress test. ( ran the Stress test with 250+ mods) for 45 mins without a crash. I used speedmulti 1000 >>PIC Side note..Yes i run a full Step+ Extended setup...does as much for stability as ENBboost does, Thanks guys.
  7. Not sure if i did this right either....but what i did was swap the 2 ESP's around and used teh ESP from the folder >>"Improved Closefaced Helmets version". Look at the download for "aMidianBorn - Content Addon-24909-1-2.zip" you will see a folder >Improved Closefaced Helmets version< in that folder is a ESP that has the same name as the file loose in the main folder. I swapped them and only used the file from the closedface folder. you have to move original file to a temp folder, (cant have same name in a folder you get asked to overwrite) move the file from closed face to the main folder , then move the original to the closed face folder. This keeps both files. You cant, (i couldent) switch them from inside MO because the names are the same. IF this was wrong, I apologize and will have to change what i did also....waiting for other responses....
  8. Most of that can be explained away as ...the STEP authors want to keep everything Modular , so everyone has Options. You only use ONE of patches...read the readme for the patches. Only reason to not actually use the Extended patch would be ..if you happen to not want to use one fo the Mods that are part of the patch (master) then you couldent use the patch and would then have to download a series of other patches... Yes you can use categorizes...least i hope so, I did...>>>MO, same as the STEP WIKI
  9. Next long play session, (later today) i will have a look to see how many "Enbhost" processes are in use. have never looked for that just assumed that is what was going on. And yes...many many High rez texture's, had to back off on few i wanted as my 580's are starting to complain..:) **side note need to start a post or figure out why i have some Armor with (0) rating.
  10. I feel ya, had it Forever...TILL, i got rid of it !!!! in order for this to work you MUST have a monitor that can do 100 hz or better. (When i had a 60 HZ and set for 1/2 i still had it for some reason?) Skyrim Vsync OFF ENB Vsync OFF Nvidia = the power. In nvidia Inspector, Skyrim Profile set... Pre rendered frames 8 (seems to help keep the CPU busy) Threaded Optimization = on Triple buffering = on Vertical Sync smooth AFR = on Vertical Sync Tear Control = Adaptive Vertical Sync = 1/3 Refresh Rate Set the Monitor to 100 Hz this will Net you 33 FPS , Avoiding the 64 Hz stutter bug and giving you a completely smooth Skyrim! Other things that help..... Gaming mouse = 1000 MS polling @ 2000 DPI (No accel) Mouse Accel OFF in skyrim INI UNpark your CPU cores Only load your GPU to about 80-90 % VRAM load (use Skyrim Performance monitor) SPM will help you find the balance. Run SLI Add All 13 Multi threading tweaks to the Skyrim/prefs INI (grins..i you cant find all 13 threaded tweaks hollar i will post mine) Took me a really long time to finally squash this bug. Normal Play LONG sessions, 6-8 hour on weekends 2-3 hour runs a day after work, Thanks to everyone here and STEP i run a Full Setup. 257 mods (wrye is hiding a few for me) STEP extended + ENB + 2K + HR-DLC's , only 3 crashes and am level 20 ( 47 Hours ). ALL 3 crashes were at end of 6 or 8 hour session so no concern. Last save = Save 213 - Darkness Whiterun 47.06.03.ess Again I do not think i could have this without STEP. Now that the Game is smooth with a crap ton of mods i cant wait to play every day. EDIT:Mouse polling
  11. Since i haven't seen Boris's actual post on the matter, thought i would place it here for discussion....This is from the Day Boris released the feature. So reading that from Boris is a bit difficult , So a system with little VRAM can still benefit ,as the process is moved into system RAM. Using the above formula i would have a setting of 10240 (3 +16 -2 =17GB) BUT if i let ENB set the memory, it gives me 10880<<over that said max. Stuttering was reduced by setting "reserved memory" to 1024..Again MAX. ENB set Memory to 10880 using Auto Detect. I normally see an Extreame amount of both Physical and System commit memory in use. Skyrim before tweaking ENB ...8 GB system commit Skyrim After ENB tweaks.........15.1 GB system commit. and same graph showing the Physical RAM in use, @ 8.2 GB<<good thing i have more then 8...that would have crashed. GPU loaded as far as i am comfortable with...lol...2.9 out of 3...close enough. All 8 Threads busy busy.. This will crash most computers , point is you can configure an ENB to give you what you need. Tweak away.
  12. Does LOOT run on its own , outside MO? Find where you installed LOOT too...run the EXE. The LOOT bundled with MO is outdated now anyway, have to wait for them to update. If you did not install LOOT on its own....LOOT
  13. That's just my opinion...most say the Stress test is overboard, and that if you can make it 5 mins you are stable...Test with varies amounts...try 500, 800 , 1000 , 1500, reverse order, if you crash at 1500, lower it ... EDIT...sorry double post ..tired...going to bed...lol
  14. Look at the PIC i posted above...on the FAR left side....right click >"Edit Categories" in the menu that shows up...right click . "Add " type the name of the Categories you want, you can even drag them around...:)
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