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Removing/updating mods and "clean saves"


Hi there


I have been wondering about this for a long while and I would like to ask your opinions on this.

I have seen many mod updates in which the author asks to perform a "clean save", meaning the following:


1. Save your game on a new slot.

2. Exit the game.

3. Uninstall the mod in your load order.

4. Load the game on the last save you just made.

5. Save again on a new slot.

6. Exit the game.

7. Install the latest version of the mod.

8. Load the game on the last save you just made.


However, when I have done this several times, and I must admit, this has caused me a lot of papyrus log spam and CTDs in the past.


I also asked this question on the Bethsoft forums and Arthmoor, the author of the Unofficial patches, recommends heavily against it:


He also advices mod authors to adjust their scripts to update automatically, without having to do this "clean save" procedure.


I'm very paranoid when it comes to stability and scripts so I decided that when someone asks to make a "clean save" to update a mod, I will do one of the following:

  • Don't update the mod and continue my current playthrough
  • Update the mod but start a new game
It might be an overkill and I don't know if this is really needed, but to be extra safe, I am now taking these precautions.


Any thoughts/advice on this?


Kind regards


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