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Do we still do the Skyrim.ini addition for the Hi-Res DLC Optimized?


In the instructions for the Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized, we are told to modify the Skyrim.ini file by adding the following entry -



sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Textures.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa

sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices.bsa, Skyrim - VoicesExtra.bsa


Are we still supposed to do that?  I vaguely recall seeing something that said we didn't have to anymore.


Thanks for the help.

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