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Question about masters in WB and Creation Kit




I've recently migrated to using MO with my first full install of STEP and the Requiem Pack. I'm using WB, TES5Edit, and the CK to create a few custom patches and tweaks of my own, but have run into a problem with what I assume is MO's virtual folders.


Previously, if I needed to make a patch I would use Wrye Bash to esmify the masters for the "patch".esp, and then open the CK, with WB still open, to make the patch fixes. However, when I try to use esmify Masters in WB when using MO, WB throws this error:


WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified: u'C:\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Data\\"Master".esp'


And halts the process at the first master. I can't find the esmified plugin until restarting WB, but it's visible in MO, moved to its new location as an esm. However, the process halts before any additional masters are esmified.


The same situation occurs if I later espify the "master".esm. 


It looks like WB is having a problem dealing with files in MO's virtual system. (the same seems to be the case with manually creating leveled lists for bashed patches, but I'm not as concerned about that.)


Has anyone had any success using WB to esmify/espify files? I assume I can convert them one by one, but I'm wondering if I'm doing this the right way. Or, to get to the heart of my issue, how do you all edit patches with masters when using MO?


Thanks in advance for any help or redirects to previous threads. 

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This probably cannot be fixed. It is because Wrye Bash makes a new copy of the file instead of modifying the file directly, which is normally good practice, but Mod Organizer's hooking mechanism cannot forward the new copy of the file to the original. Generally speaking, however, you shouldn't be esmifying all your plugins like that.

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