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Skeleton - Floating Back Hip Dagger Issue



Hey guys,


There is a floating back hip dagger behind all males and females, including children, that don't have another weapon equipped. This must be the result of a faulty XPMS install. But I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is I am doing wrong. On my character, the back hip dagger looks perfect. On NPCs, however, 


1) The back hip daggers are floating in the air

2) If possible, I would rather not have all children and adult NPCs showing off their back hip daggers, sort of immersion breaking to me and there are many clipping issues with armor and cloak mods. But my educated guess is that the skeleton (and animations) apply to both character and NPCs.


Posted Image



I have 2 setups with 2 seperate Mod Organizers. One for STEP and one for SR. I have followed the differing instructions for XP32 and Dual Sheath Redux from both guides and applied them accordingly. In both instances, the issue persists.


Been waiting all afternoon for servers to come back up to ask your help with this issue I have been having for like a month now, but which I have postponed as I was busy messing with other mods :P Kinda pissed off at myself that I can't figure this out after dangling for 4 hours with it! :(

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