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How do i disable one-handed wps on back?



As the title says. I have installed dual sheath redux, and later on the maximum skeleton.


I would like to have one-handed weapons on the hip, as in vanilla, but dual sheath redux doesn't tell which weapons are one-handed.


Any easy way to do this? :)


Thanks! (And for an awesome guide)

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That options in the nmm installer shouldn't alter the animations just the nodes on the skeleton. Try again deinstalling xps skeleton, verify there's no skeleton file in data/meshes/actor/character/character assets and .../character assets female. Reinstall and stay away from any option that names itself 1H back or something like that. Run FNIS for users.

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Dual Sheath Redux makes one handed weapons swords appear on back. If you don't want that and want them on the hip then uninstall that mod. The skeleton just allows for new slots for weapons and for new animations not possible with the default skeleton to be applied.

Dual sheath makes left hand weapons appear when sheathed. Wether on back or not is determined by the skeleton, trust me.
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