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  1. Anyone have performance issue inside LOTD Safehouse? I'm not sure if I started having performance issue with v16.1 or if it was there previously and I didn't notice it until now. All I know is that right now, with full SRLE: LOTD setup, I'm getting 22 fps when sitting at the secret door entrance of the Safehouse and when I move around I get between 28-43fps and it feel sluggish and slow. I also tried with only LOTD + ENB and I get 44fps when sitting at the secret door and moving around I got 50-59fps but somehow it felt a tad sluggish. I usually get steady 50-59fps with r9 290x crossfire pretty much at all time except during particle intense weather.
  2. I have this problem too. Sometime I try to reload as soon as I die and I get a CTD. I've had this kind of CTD in a old mod setup I used 1+ year ago using base SRLE + some combat mod, so at this point I consider it "normal" and not being a big deal at all. As for LOTD, I'm replaying Skyrim just for that mod. I started a new game as a Relic Hunter (arrive by boat at Solitude using Live Another Life) and I live and breath at the museum. Hunting for all the item to fill up the museum is an unhealthy incentive :P
  3. Hi, I have just finished installing all of SRLE and SRLE LoTDB. However, it seems that BadGremlins have set all of his files to hidden either today or yesterday. Problem is, one of his mod (BadGremlins Great JarHunt) is a required master for the pre-made LoTD conflict resolution patch which is screwing me over right now. I really don't want to go through creating my own conflict resolution patch. I don't know if it's against the rule to ask for a link to a mod, but I don't really have another option then to ask if someone can share the mod "BadGremlins Great JarHunt" if they have it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for sharing that ELFX + SMIM + ENB fix, never heard of it before and I did experience the slowdown in Jorvaskr and Fellglow Keep. As for load order I placed it after ELFX - Dragonborn.esp too.
  5. I got stuck in mining Animation Loop a lot using this and sometime randomly mashing button got me out of it while other time I had to load to a previous save.
  6. Fire Strike is actually a good benchmark to test for stability/artifact. I have no problem at +119mv @ 1150 core/1600 memory in both Fire Strike and actual games like Skyrim and DA:I. Vex, make sure to keep an eye on your VRM 1 Temperature when overclocking your r9 290x as this is where the real heat comes from. With that said you should be fine with a single r9 290x.
  7. To expand on Animal Tweaks, I have been running with it along SRLE for a couple days now and it does a good job overall but I had to tweak it a little to not make it a huge pain in the as (aka: dying a lot). With the Base Game Optional, the damage increase is most of the time easily healable with over-time healing effect (like Perkus 8sec healing potion). I found the damage increase to be fine and simply added more fun/challenge, when played at Adept difficulty that is. The REAL bugger with this mod is the knockdown spam from bear, sabre cat, troll, etc. If you get hit one-time by them you'll pretty much get chain knocked down until you die. I died 5+ time trying to kill 2 sabre cat before I gave up and removed the knockdown from the mod. It's true however that if you are a melee-centric character things can get rough, even with the knockdown off, unless your weapon are enchanted with fire dmg since most creatures have increased physical dmg resist. I personally always use a combination of range and melee so I don't have this problem. I'm not sure if Neo is planning on expanding the "gameplay" side of SR:LE but I tweaked my modlist a little more and I'm feeling satisfied with these mods: Rebirth Monster with SiC Patch without the GMST changes, with manually removed bandit conflicting with OBIS and setting the named boss level back to HLE settings (Dragon Priest from level 90 to 50, etc) Makes all draugr, vampire, forsworn, etc more interesting with the use of non-overpowered unique spell, when played at Adept. Combat Evolved without the GMST changes, I really only wanted the Combat Style changes and NPC Spell Damage increase. (the Spell Damage increase is really nice when playing at Adept difficulty) This mod make a bunch of GMST changes and it's really hard to find information on what exactly each of these GMST do and how they will affect your gameplay. I prefer to not use them, but instead create my own ESP and use only the GMST I want and that I know the impact it will have on my gameplay. See bellow. Animal Tweak with Base Game Balance optional (trust me you want this) and manually removed all knockdown effect. Imperious - Races of Skyrim. To my surprise, this mod made a bigger impact then I anticipated. Seeing humanoid NPC using their racial abilities really spiced up combat even further. Deadly Combat without the GMST that affect damage output (fDamagePCSkillMin/Max and fDamageSkillMin/Max). I found the reduced Armor GMST to be fine. I moved from Duel to Deadly Combat and I don't regret it one bit. The staggering and locational effect are perfect. However I'm not sure if a script-based combat mod is a good idea in combination with a script intensive mod like Frostfall. I personally have no problem with only Wet and Cold. I created my own ESP with all the GMST I actually cared about. Mainly: The 1x in-combat regen settings from Combat Evolved for faster paced combat. The encounter difficulty settings from Rebirth Monster. Reset fDamagePCSkillMin/Max and fDamageSkillMin/Max to 1 (from Requiem) in order to keep a true Adept difficulty 1:1 ratio. Plus a couple other. And of course, the almighty Perkus Maximus.
  8. Even if you you face a level 45~ skeever, for your level they will still remain weak and should die in 1 or 2 hit so I would not be worried about creatures scaling with you. SiC, HLE & OBIS already does that... The spider's are one of the most dangerous creatures (Trolls are nasty too) with Combat Evolved and/or Animal Tweaks (both mods affect make similar change), their poison does high damage and can paralyze you in some case and they have greater movement speed. I also use potion over 8 seconds (PerMa default) and at early game it's really important to dodge the spit because it's really hard to heal through two of those. It's best to use fire spells against spider, and against many different creatures actually. Also, make sure you use the Base Game Balace optional for both Combat Evolved and Animal Tweak, this only increase damage done by around 1/3 instead of 1/2 with the normal version, this can help. And yes, having a follower is a necessity for more then just carrying stuff. For the level 40 bandit, sounds like there's a conflict somewhere. Examine your Bashed Patch leveled list for bandit in tes5edit. The wounded effect is indeed from NPC - KO. I personally disabled the mod because more often then not the NPCs would get "stuck" in their wounded state without me or my follower being able to finish them off. It got annoying after a while.
  9. If you use Skyrim immersive Creatures you are better off with Animal Tweaks. SkyTest add new animal variant which is redundant and not needed when using Skyrim Immersive Creatures. Animal Tweak is much more recent then SkyTest and it's still being actively updated, It's also very specific on what it does which make it compatible with other mods; It improve animal behavior, increase their damage and change how animal interact with different species. I recommend you to check out both Combat Evolved and Animal Tweak in TES5EDIT to better understand what it does and check the conflict with your current modlist. I have no error in my Duel ESP... there is a lot of script spam going on though. Which is true for all combat mods (Duel, Deadly Combat, Ultimate Combat) There's no king of all combat mods, I took Duel because is the simplest of them all and get the job done.
  10. What ever you do I suggest you think about going SLI in the long term. When running at resolution 1440p or higher it really make a difference. Probably buy 980 now and wait till it drop to 400$ to get a second one and you'll be good for a year or 2, maybe more. Also, I would have recommended you to check out for R9 290X in crossfire. But as an owner of two R9 290X, I'll tell you that there's some flaw to having AMD and using ENB. No depth of field and flickering face when using iTintResolution in skse being the main one. On the other side, the R9 290X have a lot of horse power and doesn't really overheat that much when playing Skyrim at 60fps. I'm getting around 55-70 Celsius on the VRM at 1175 core. With that said I do have my case open with 3 ghetto fan mounted on the cards and a tabletop fan blowing air directly on the cards At 100+ fps however my VRM would reach around 104~ Celsius, which is scary.
  11. The six ratio are from GMST (Game Settings). I just created an ESP in TES5EDIT and added them. For VE: (which is Novice difficulty) fDiffMultHPByPCVE (Damage done by player on Novice Difficulty) fDiffMultHPToPCVE (Damage done to player by npc on Novice Difficulty) Replace VE by the other difficulty (E, N, H, VH, L) E = Apprentice N = Adept H = Expert VH = Master L = Lengendary I am currently using Perkus Maximus with SR:LE + Partial REGS and I have not experienced any game breaking bug, a couple of sound loop but not sure if it's even caused my PerMa. With that said there's no deny that PerMa can be a pain to start woking with but totally worth the hassle in the end if your willing to put in the time. Also, Duel Combat is compatible with PerMa, yes. Duel only change a couple Game Settings and add some Stagger effect on hit. It does increase damage done by Weapon and reduce Armor Rating to a small extent but if playing on Adept/Expert it should not be a problem. It simply improve upon Perkus Maximus and Combat Evolved. I can't talk for Erkeil's AI but with Combat Evolved, the difference is really obvious. The NPC are right there in your face bashing, interrupting and moving. When your facing 2 or more enemies it's very much possible that they will interrupt and bash you to death if you don't react quickly. Having a follower make much more sense when facing multiple enemy. It also increase damage of spell and monster abilities (like spider poison or fireball) so if you use this on difficulty higher then expert it's very likely that you will die quickly. Hence why I'm playing on a 1:1 ratio, kill or be killed. :) Animal Tweak is from the same author as Combat Evolved and does the same thing as the later but focused on animals. If you don't want to dig in PerMa you might be interested by Enchanting Awakened: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/42796/?
  12. I'm personally using Duel - Combat Realism STABLE. Deadly Combat have not been updated in a while and I was not familliar with Tk Combat and Ultimate Combat so I choosed the good Ol' Duel. That only cover combat behavior though. In addition to that I'm using Combat Evolved which makes the combat AI much smarter and buff creatures and hostile NPCs abilities and spell. Place it after Duel - Combat Realism in load order. For animal/creatures, Animal Tweaks is what I'm using, but I would recommend using the "Base Game Balance optional" because some of the original buff is too much, in my opinion, when using with SiC & HLE. Also it have some incompatibility with Falskaar/OBIS, but it's easily fix in TES4EDIT. For perks, easy, Perkus Maximus. I'm also using my own difficulty slider based on a 1:1 ratio (1x damage by me, 1x damage by npc to me). I'm level 18 and still using VE, the other difficulty are really just in case I'm starting to get overpowered. VE = 1:1 E = 0.9:1.1 N= 0.8:1.2 H=: 0.7:1.3 VH= 0.6:1.4 L= 0.5:1.5 With all that I'm pretty satisfied with my combat experience. :) Link to mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2700/ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56147/ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60222/ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17491
  13. This is worth a read if you want to know what is ESO: https://tamrielfoundry.com/2014/02/eso-isariis-comprehensive-review/
  14. I got plenty of key to giveaway again if you guys can't find one for this weekend test run that will last four days. NDA is lifted and everyone is free to post screenshot and video now.
  15. I'm having some weird FPS drop while inside Radiant Raiment. When I'm facing the counter where the vendor NPC is sitting I drop from 60 fps to 14 fps and when I pan back at the door entrance I get back up to 60. I tried in Bits and Pieces since it have an identical indoor layout and I don't have this problem. Anyone have a similar experience?
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