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Rome 2: Total War


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Can't wait until it gets activated! Anybody else playing it?

I've always loved the TW series, but Rome was the first game of it I ever played, so I'll probably get some nostalgia moments going back there BUT with awesomest graphics!!!

Also the games are moddable, which is another reason I love them ;-)

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From what I have seen so far I am more worried that they are simply making a game based on people nostalgia. Does not look like they have made anything that is radically different compared to the previous titles. IE they still have not figure have not figured out how to make archers behave realistically. And Roman legions are still silly powerful due to the wrong reasons.


They where powerful due to their discipline, not so much their weapons etc. Yet all apparently know how to do proper regiments, so the game is still just scaled across a weird dmg. formulae where romans got a silly advantage throughout the game. So might get the game on a 75% sale at some point but not gonna pay full price for what is essentially the same as they have made before.

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From what i've read they have improved some things that were off in the original rome. I can't say how they behave ingame yet, as some of the features sound weird when only reading their desriptions. However they have added many cool things to the campaign to make it more dynamic. I've always liked politics, so i'm hoping for some cool plotting and backstabbing. Also the Coop mode sounds awesome!

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