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Static Mesh Improvement Help



So as i followed the step guide, I got stuck on this specific mod.


He only has the option to use this with NMM and Wryebash doesn't have that option.


How am I suppose to install this mod?



Also, is there any way to make wrye bash install NMM type of installers?

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You can install it just fine via Wrye Bash, not sure what the problem could be. Only thing is you don't get a guided-installer as you do in NMM as he hasn't written one for BAIN-install. Simply check the sub-package checkboxes for the versions you want. Keep in mind though if there are several options starting with "02" for example, only pick one of those. That means they edit the same thing. So pick one 01, one 02, one 03 etc etc. 21/22/23 are performance-variants.


And yes, there is a way to write guided installers for WB aswell, but it's more complex. :)

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No you must install with NMM or do it manually with 7zip or repackage the file to BAIN. There are actually quite a few mods in step that require NMM.


If you want to learn how to repackage a file into a BAIN format that bash understands try the Wrye Bash Guide.



Hmm, SMIM is in proper BAIN format. Or maybe I changed it myself long ago and forgot...
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