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Plugings - Mods restart every load



Hi friends, i have a problem related to mods...


i installed and followed every step in your STEP guide (the last one before the new version) , playing was correct.


i stoped playing several months, and then i reinstalled new STEP version.


as usual after reinstall mods and upgrading new version others, i ran reproccer, lli (lootification) dual sheath, and FNIS, like always.


game starts correctly but... EVERY load i made, the game restarts all mods and plugins (like wet and cold, frostfall etc)


starting new game do the same, but reloading that new savegame, still reloads and restarts EVERY MOD.


an important clue is, that loading my usual savegames, make that couriers goe to my position, restarting dlcs like hearthfire, or dragonblood (the cultists fight)


so something is restarting my game, from 0, but not one time, ALWAYS i load a savegame.


please need help cos restarting game will have same problem.


thx and sorry for my english.

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We might need to see your load order, but no I don't think that anyone has heard of this type of problem. My guess would be that it is something related to the way your games saves, since it seems that your stats for quests and plugins aren't getting put into your saves.

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