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Buying a SSD


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Heys guys!


I'm going to buy a SSD to run Skyrim decently, but, seeing as I'm a complete newb when it comes to hardware and the people I trust the most on this subject are here, here it goes! Just hope you can help me :p


So, the hardware guide says that we should see our SATA transfer speed and if our motherboard supports AHCI. Now, Belarc Advisor showed me this:



Serial Number: MS1C93R63000454

Bus Clock: 133 megahertz

BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 5.29 09/17/2010


The only info I found was for the 1.04, I hope it's the same. So, 3Gb/s.


Now, how do I see if it supports AHCI? I already went in the BIOS settings and it can be changed to AHCI, but does that mean anything?




Resuming, it's probably going to be a Crucial 120Gb SATA 3Gb/s if I don't need to get a new motherboard first.



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all of the modern SSDs will work. really should be plug and play. Plug it in and boot up. I like to install windows on my SSD for faster bootup, but this takes up alot of space. if you dont know how to adjust pagefile.sys and turn off sleep and get rid of the hybernate file, dont do this or read about it.


if you dont know what this means dont do it.


Crucial is a good choice. Just plug it in. Boot up normally. Go to disk manager and see if the disk shows up. Then right click and format it. Then you are good to go. Note, this won't be bootable without a windows installation. Should show up as a new drive letter in windows. Its just like initializing a regular hard drive.


adding a hard drive is relatively simple. Windows will auto-detect it.

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