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Switch location of sword sheath?



I have a small issue that I can't seem to resolve - I originally set up XP Maximum Skeleton, Dual Sheath Redux, etc. to have 1 handed swords on back and dagger on hip. Now I want to switch back to placing 1 handed swords on the hip instead (I play mostly in third person and the clipping with backpacks is really bugging me).


Thing is, even with removing and reinstalling mods in Mod Organizer, my saved game just won't switch to placing the sheath on my hip. The animation has been reset, but not the sheath placement. I removed and completely reinstalled the following mods:

  • UNP Blessed Body
  • Dimonized UNP Female Body
  • Argonian and Khajiit Fix (just in case...my saved character is Khajiit)
  • Immersive Animations
  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton
  • Dual Sheath Redux
I also reran FNIS, Wrye Bash to rebuild the Bashed Patch (just in case), and SUM. As I said, the animations are correct - I draw the sword from the hip, but the sheath is still on my back.


What am I forgetting?


Thanks in advance!

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I actually had the same desire and discovered the same problem. Firstly, be sure you aren't using the "Sword on Back" pack for Dual Sheath Redux. I also found that the installer for XP32 Maximum Skeleton just doesn't work correctly for me with MO (using FOMOD and non-FOMOD options). To fix this, I re-installed XP32 Maximum Skeleton manually like this (assuming you're using MO):

  • Open the folder for XP32 Maximum Skeleton in MO (something like \Skyrim\ModOrganizer\mods\XP32 Maximum Skeleton)
  • Delete the entire meshes folder
  • Locate (or redownload) the original archive for XP32 Maximum Skeleton
  • Extract it to a temporary location
  • Open the wizard.txt from the extract in a text editor
  • Walk yourself through the "logic" and copy the appropriate mesh folders from the numbered folders in the extract to the MO XP32 Maximum Skeleton folder
For example, if you wanted swords and daggers on hips (vanilla-style) and Chesko's quiver location, you would want to use the mesh folders from the following folders:

  • 00 Skeleton Rig
  • 01 BOLTC
  • 10 Default Chesko
I hope this helps.
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Yep, reran all of the utilities at the end of SR instructions. I also downloaded Skyrim Performance Monitor, and while it does show that my VRAM is maxxed out pretty much all of the time (I only have 2048MB...hoping to fix that soon!), my last run I was able to last much longer. Perhaps I walked near something that a mod (or script) didn't like.


I will look into the other general threads on these kinds of issues. As far as I can tell, animations/meshes/proccers are no longer an issue.


Many thanks!

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