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DLC Guide lacking info



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Ok. It's not very detailed explained but here's what you do.

1. Extract BSAs -> you did that?

2. Extract HDDLC-Fix Loos Files -> you did that?

3. Go here and download the main file AND the optional file and then extract both files into separate folders.

4. Edit the optional file (not the readme but the .cmd-file as it is described below. you have to give the 4 exact paths where you extracted:

-> High Res DLC 1

-> High Res DLC 2

-> High Res Texture Pack DLC Tweaks

-> HD DLC Fix


in this exact order. then RUN the .cmd file and click enter repeatedly until the window closes by itself. if it doesn't find a file close the console by pressing Strg+C and verify the path you insterted into the .cmd-file for it.

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I am using the wiki guide to optimize the DLC bur it is missing info on what to do with the HD Textures DLC Fix after you optimize it. So... what do I with it?

There are no missing steps, perhaps something could be worded more clearly though. Exactly what is the line in question?


Basically it is the HD DLC Textures Fix. After using the Clean HighRestTexturePack DLC Fix on the HD DLC Textures Fix it doesn't tell you what to do with the folder. It just goes on to talk about the other 2 folders. So I took my own initiative and merged it into the HighResTexturePack01.bsa. Hopefully I did the right thing.
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