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Release Email and STEP 2.3.0 Plans


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Dear STEP Communtiy,


STEP v2.2.6 has been released! 


We're looking to re-vamp the changelogs as "up-jumping to our v2.3.0 major release next time around. Version 2.3.0 will be our first iteration of STEP with Packs (optional mod compilations that follow a specific theme and function). Packs do not necessarily adhere to the STEP Mandate, so this will be of interest to more advance modders or those that want to expound and/or improve upon the vanilla Skyrim experience.


One additional feature of this change will be the inclusion of many of Neovalen's methods and mods used in his project, Skyrim Revisited, which can be thought of itself as an extensive "Pack" of sorts. We cannot present too much detail for 2.3.0 at this time, since we are still very much in the planning stage, but it will represent the next major evolution of STEP. What's more is that 2.3.0 will not abandon the ideology of the STEP Mandate or significantly change STEP so much as it will mark the beginning of the expansion of STEP beyond the vanilla Mandate. Thus, the next iteration will bring many more options in addition to the enhanced vanilla experience for which STEP has come to be known.



The STEP Team

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For those of you that have chosen not to receive emails, the above is what the 2.2.6 release email contained. We've also announced that we're jumping up to 2.3.0 for our next release. This will mark the beginning of the STEP packs. Like the email said, we're still ironing out the details of this next release. As details become available, we'll keep you updated here.


For now, enjoy the current release (2.2.6) and you'll be hearing from us soon!

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