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Little confused about the directions for fixing Acquisitive Soul Gems & AWE



So I just noticed that there was an issue with using Acquisitive Soul Gems and Animated Weapon Enchants together. I was following the linked directions on how to get them to work together but I am a little confused by something. In the instructions it says to "Drag the "Enchant Shader" from Animated Weapon Enchants.esp into ASG-AWE Patch.esp." I see two problems with this - 1) I see no way to "drag" something into the ASG-AWE Patch.esp and I see no "Enchant Shader" in Animated Weapons Enchants.esp. What does this actually mean? 

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I believe detailed instructions are given on where to look in the same place as directions for the patch? In any case, as long as you have the FormID of whatever you're trying to change, type the FormID into TES5Edit and it'll take you to the record and show you all the mods that are in conflict on that particular item.

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Just registered to say that the two non-answers are not helpful. Staring at TES5edit now and having the same issue;


Per the instructions (https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Neovalen/Skyrim_Revisited#Acquisitive_Soul_Gems)

  • Open TES5Edit.
  • Select "Acquisitive Soul Gems.esp" and Animated Weapon Enhants.esp then click [OK].
  • Expand "Magic Effect" under Acquisitive Soul Gems.esp and select the "0005B452" node.
  • Right-click on Acquisitive Soul Gems.esp column and select "Copy as Override into...".
  • Select "" and click [OK]. In the resulting text box type "ASG-AWE Patch".
  • Drag the "Enchant Shader" from Animated Weapon Enchants.esp into ASG-AWE Patch.esp.
  • Click the [X] in the upper right hand corner, uncheck "Backup plugins", and click [OK].
Steps One through Five are easy and clear.


Step Six is a no-go. Cannot find a way to "drag" any file from anywhere to anywhere.

  • Is this the entire folder?
  • Is this the duplicate Magic Effect found at 005B452?
  • Is this from the left or right panel?
TES5edit v3.0.28 does not allow a drag and drop that is compatible with these steps.


Step Seven is a non-player until Step Six can be overcome.


The guide needs to be reviewed for possible rewrite.



EDIT: RIIIIIGHT Panel! Ooooohhhh... yeah, okaaaaay, gotcha. And still it's a bit unclear.  Please clarify the guide to show how to drag the effect in the right panel from one to the other. Thank you.

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Maybe we need to start a little screenshot project to help people SEE what is supposed to be done. This isn't limited to just patching with TES5Edit, there are a few things that might require directions. As any teacher will tell you not everyone can just learn from reading, a few will need to learn visually.

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Bumping this to check that I have followed the instructions correctly.


I could not drag the "Enchant Shader" from Advanced Weapon Enchants, the option that I did find and seemed to work was "deep copy as override", then selected the patch ESP file and added it to that.


My problems:

1. The conflict information for each ESP is still in the original ESP files;

2. I do not know where the patch should be in the load order.

3. I am not sure where I should put the ESP.


So far I have the patch below both of the ESPs and saved in the Skyrim data folder. The game launches to the menu without any errors or a crash, but I have not tested the enchants out yet to see if that will crash the game.



One option would be to upload a correct version of the ESP patch file, so we can avoid this issue, but then people will not learn how to fix things themselves. Below is a link to a ZIP file which has the three ESPs in it, could someone check it and let me know if that is correct? Sorry if I should not be posting links, I am aware that it is other peoples work and will remove it if it is against the rules.


ESPs.zip (11 KB)






I am using TES5Edit v3.0.30 if that is relevant.

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I described how to drag the shader value for these mods using TES5Edit in this post . See if this is an adequate explanation. The general use of drag and drop for editing in TES5Edit is described on page 35-36 of the FNVEdit Training Manual (the most recent available documentation for TES5Edit).

Thanks for the help.


Is the load order important? Should the patch come at the end to overwrite both ESPs?

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