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Quick question about removing mods?



One of the non-STEP mods I was using is called Diseased. I decided that it wasn't for me and removed it like it said to (disabled it in MCM and it took the disease away, then I exited the game and removed it). 


However I later realised I wanted to go back to an earlier save which had Witbane still affecting my character. I removed the disease with the help of Kynareth's shrine but I'm wondering if it is okay to play or whether the old saves would need Diseased to have been removed from them.


I can directly ask the mod maker I guess but I figured that there'd be a general idea of whether or not this is safe.

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Make sure you are not diseased and remove the mod file “Diseased†from load order (or delete it). If any disease is left, you can use an altar after removing the mod and you will be fine.

Or use the MCM menu and choose to uninstall it. Then save and remove the mod file “Diseased†from load order (or delete it)."


^ Does he/she mean that it would be fine?

I could read this a couple ways.

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