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STEP Update


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Greetings & salutations STEP-SR denizens and modding enthusiasts:


Everyone may have noticed that the latest STEP release is now behind schedule (even according to the new proposed monthly update frequency).


Since it is now Spring in the northern hemisphere, those of us with homes in temperate climates are busy with indoor and outdoor activities vital to habitat upkeep: garage sales, spring cleaning, home exterior maintenance, weekend renovation projects, etc. I am one such, and have failed to put the time into rolling out v2.2.6. In fact, I am falling behind on my own STEP install at the moment. I have managed to keep the basic update maintenance going, but it seems that the rest of the community has also slowed down somewhat with regard to mod testing (i.e., still many mods in MT forum that are not "ACCEPTED" or "DENIED").


Fear not, however, as we fully intend to keep up the project, but bear with us in the coming weeks as we (yet again) prepare for a server migration and an administrative process revamp. All should be transparent to the community, but I thought that I should post this announcement to dissuade any concerns that we are "dropping the ball". The game is on, and a lot of work will continue to progress behind the curtain, albeit at a slower rate while we do some virtual (and RL) housekeeping.


I want to thank our generous community whos members continue to donate monetarily to the project. This definitely keeps us going and compels us to steward this project to be the best it can be (all donations go to our future server expenses, so we are in business for at least a year into the future at this point).


We ask that community members continue contributing what you can in terms of mod testing, wiki editing, providing content and suggestions, etc. as we take these next steps. Monetary contributions are greatly appreciated, but they are not necessary for the project at the moment --what is priceless at the moment is your participation and contribution, so PM any of our administrative volunteer staff if you want to do more!


Many Thanks!


STEP admin team

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