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Installing Skyrim & Step from scratch



Hello everyone,


I started to reinstall skyrim & STEP today. Downloaded Skyrim through steam, so I guess my version is now 1.9.

Just installed the needed software used in STEP an started with the .ini tweaking.


Now I've come to a point which makes me unsure of what to do:


Modify the following values under [Display]:


iShadowMapResolutionSecondary=2048But my SkyrimPrefs.ini shows only "iShadowMapResolution=4096" - not Primary/Secondary


Should I replace the value by those two or add the two mentioned values also to the .ini?


Don't know if this difference is caused by using v1.9 of skyrim.


Since I don't want to produce allready problems just by editing the .ini wrong, I thought I maybe could get

some advice here.


So "thanks" to anyone who is willing to help :)

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iShadowMapResolutionPrimary is in the Skyrim.ini, not the SkyrimPrefs.ini


If it isn't in yours, you should probably start with a clean ini and let Skyrim recreate it. Remember that Mod Organiser puts its ini files in the ModOrganizer Profiles subdirectory.

Ok, then it's listed wrong in the STEP Guide.

The Guide mentioned it under "1.F.2. - SkyrimPrefs.ini" not under "1.F.1. Skyrim.ini"


Thanks for your help.



The Values also are not in my Skyrim.ini - Game is installed fresh via Steam and I launched it once,

letting the launcher recognize my hardware and decide on the settings (ultra by default), like mentioned

in the "Setting up Skyrim" Guide.

Searching around on google, I found out, that some people seem to have the Primary/Secondary-entries

in their SkyrimPrefs.ini after setting the quality to medium.

I added the two lines to my SkyrimPrefs.ini right after the "iShadowMapResolution"-line.



I'm using WryeBash standalone, not MO, but used normal windows-editor to change the .ini files.

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Those settings are in skyprefs.ini. Fairly near the top of the [display] section. I had that issue before and don't now, perhaps something to do with the skyrim updates - do you have all the DLC?.


Depending on your system setting those at 4096 is both unneccessary and potentially problematic. Using 2048 for the one or both should be fine.

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