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Your best bet would be to ask this question on the Nexus thread relating to the actual unofficial patches. If you need to know about specific issues you really do have to read the long changelogs.


Whenever critical bugs are fixed by Bethesda, the Unofficial Patch team remove the fixes from their patch so that it doesn't get applied twice (or in two different ways). The only exceptions are when they find that the Bethesda fix does not address the entire issue.


I think, these days, the entire set of Unofficial Patches are considered highly recommended by anyone who wants to make Skyrim more stable, especially since there are not likely to be any more official patches from Bethesda. As you will have heard they have shut down the Skyrim developer project, leaving only a few caretaker members behind for minor fixes.

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There is a changelog for each of the Unofficial Skyrim patches (base and DLC) referenced on the Nexus page description for each of the patches. It has a description of every change included. Reading this list, I noted that each release has a massive set of small changes that fix problems in the game ranging from gameplay to bad textures/meshes. I'm not familiar with any issues in the Dark Brotherhood quests, but if you just look at the totality of the scripts included in the Unofficial patches you can get an idea of how many quests are fixed by this patch.


The Bethesda fixes cover a much smaller set of problems than those in the Unofficial patches. If you look at the UESP Skyrim Wiki and look at the quests and locations, you will see a list of bugs at the bottom of each page. The descriptions also mentions which quests/location bugs are fixed by either an official patch or an unofficial patch. The vast majority of bug fixes are from the unofficial patches.

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