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I am bored at work, so I will tell you this short story:


I spent last 3 days upgrading my Skyrim/STEP/SkyRe install to 1.9. Last night, few minutes after midnight, I finished! I loaded up my saved game, a grim Nord that is still unaware that he is yet to become the Dragonborn. So I take a walk in Whiterun, all looks good. Then a little annoying brat runs over to me and screams "I am not afraid of you, even if you are my elder!".


"Why you little...!" I think to myself and decide it's a perfect timing to see if Killable Children does it's job. I grab my two handed axe, ensure I got a good grip on it and SWING it at that innocent (but oh-so-annoying) girl! And yes! She drops dead, her skull split in half. 


And then BANG, I CTD! :wallbash:


I was planning to spend the weekend testing my new bike in the nearby hilly park. But I know myself to well... It's gonna be "get that bloody game working!" type of weekend. Am I happy? I am, but I'm not at the same time.


Isn't life weird?

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