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DLSSG to FSR3 (by Nukem)

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DLSSG to FSR3 by Nukem
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This replaces Nvidia's DLSS Frame Generation with AMD's FSR3 Frame Generation, thus enabling Frame Generation on Nvidia RTX 20 and 30 series cards. DLAA/DLSS and Reflex can still be utilized in most cases.

It's recommend for the best gameplay the FPS be at 60 or greater before utilizing FSR3, thus, this mod as well. Most users will experience between 40% to 60% increase in FPS.

It's important to note this solution suffers from the same issues as FSR3 does. The Frame Generation may sometime cause occasional stutters in high intensity gameplay or in areas with high draws, such as heavy foliage areas like forests. Hair, heavy foliage, HUD elements, smoke/steam effects, and transparency objects (like fences) may still suffer from varying degrees of artifacting. Finally, shadows may flicker from time to time. Most of these issues can be ignored once into regular gameplay.

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