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Glowing Eyes




the problem is, my character has glowing eyes, here a picture

Posted Image


I already deactivated all mods that affect eyes and did showracemenu and choose new eyes.

Only my character has this, npc are not effected by this.

1st pic is what it looks like in movement (sometimes i see this effect also in 1st person view)


I hope someone heard about this and know how to fix this, looks like some kind of robotic-dunmer :-)

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thanks, i use the search everytime before posting, but "strange bug - help wanted" and a threat started with atronarch-aura isn't what i expected to find for fixing my bug.

But when someone else got this probelm, he find this threat and then everyone is happy

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You're welcome.


Some information about searches for the next time:

If you search for "glowing eyes" using the Entire Post option, you'll get this thread and the thread I linked. Regardless of the titles, browse all threads. Browse and scroll through the pages until you come to your highlighted search terms. (Any time you search, the terms you enter 'glowing eyes' will be highlighted in the posts). Doing this you would have found the solution. Doing this also frees up the staff's time to help others or work on other things rather to re-answering questions already asked. So be sure you search all the threads that pop up for the solution before asking. :thumbsup:


PS: I'm not saying this in any negative way. Just teaching! :)

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