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How do i get glacier LOD to use higher quality LOD models for farther distances?



Any time I use a glacier mod and rerun all the LOD generation tools (DynDOLOD 3.00 alpha/texgen, latest xlodgen), loading HD LODs below dyndolod resources, the LODs for glaciers still load the super-low resolution models at every level of LOD (block 0, block 1 etc.). So there's like high res looking mountain LOD right smack beside hilariously bad looking glacier LOD until I'm like 40 feet away from them.

Is there a way to get the game to use higher quality glacier LOD or to just use the full model for a farther distance ? Do I just need to set mesh rules for each glacier mesh and do "full model" for all the LOD levels? I realize  this'd come with a performance cost.

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Most icebergs and glaciers LOD use pre-rendered object LOD textures, some of which would benefit higher resolutions. TexGen can not update them at this time.

HD LOD does contain updated/higher resolution textures for them.

The problem is that the full models use parallax shaders which affects lighting/color depending on weather etc. and LOD does not support that, so using the full models in object LOD typically does not result in good looking/better matching LOD when the shader settings are adjusted to what object LOD supports.

But, yes give it a try with mesh rules and see if it works for you. Typically it is enough to only use full models for the first LOD level. Maybe use the level 0 LOD model for the higher LOD levels instead.

The mesh mask can be part of a path/filename, so two rules one for glacier, one for iceberg should probably cover them all.

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