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  1. I want to generate waterfall and rapid LODs based on the Water for ENB meshes/textures. I have HD LODs Textures for SE, DynDOLOD + DynDOLOD resources, and Water for ENB. As far as I know, Water for ENB does not include its own LODs. What would I need to do so that running DynDOLOD generates LOD for waterfalls/rapids based on the Water for ENB meshes and textures? Would I need to hide some of the DynDOLOD resources' waterfall/rapids files? Or just set specific rules in DynDOLOD mesh rules when I run it? If so, which ones? Any help would be great, thank you. Edit: I think Sheson answered a similar question for me before, but I'm still not 100% clear on whether unticking visible when distant will create the LOD generation I'm looking for here.
  2. Reposting cause I should have worded the last one as a help request: Can someone help me fix this? I've got LOD's popping up on the roads, but where there's no actual mesh (i.e. the LOD's shouldn't exist at all because there's no real object there that they are an LOD for). Here's some pictures. https://imgur.com/a/8QVrond The LOD's are far enough away that I can't properly click on them (though I'm not sure that'd help me anyway to be honest). Any help would be great (and you've helped me a lot over the past few weeks, thank you!).
  3. Cool, thank you. Im getting some trees that have no LOD for some reason and am trying to troubleshoot it (using myrkvior for my trees but i think the no LOD trees may be vanilla ones..? Not sure yet). Will just find the meshes those no LOD trees are using and tell dyndolod to use the full model for those meshes and uncheck visible when distant.
  4. Sweet, thought it meant the opposite. Thanks Sheson. Edit: does this mean that, if im adding a rule for individual meshes (meshes without lod models) and unchecking visible when distant, that dyndolod will make a lod mesh/texture using info from texgen or the last mod that makes that mesh/texture? As an example: i have myrkvior + treemod2000 (made up) that makes bigroundtree mesh and texture. It (treemod2000) has no lod included. I run texgen, and then in dyndolod i make a separate rule for only bigroundtree where i uncheck visible when distant. This will make dyndolod create lod for bigroundtree- even though generally it wont for myrkvior trees because myrkvior lod is made with visible when distant checked...?
  5. I'm trying to add distant LOD for a house foundation from the Cat house near Whiterun from Cats of Skyrim. I edited the formid for the house foundation in xEdit so the last mod that touches it has flagged that record as "has distant LOD" under record flages. I made a rule in DynDOLOD so that the mesh used by that foundation has Full model for all of LOD4, LOD8, LOD16. It's set as Yes - Visible When Distant, Grid - Far LOD, and Reference - unchanged. Not sure what else I'd need to do to get DynDOLOD to recognize it and create proper LOD for it. Any help would be great. Fwiw the formid for the foundation is xx0ff7b3.
  6. If I leave the .json files unpacked (outside the bsa in their skse > plugins >StorageDataUtil folder), can i pack meshes into dyndolod.bsa and textures into dyndolod - textures.bsa and have the .esp load those two bsa's?
  7. Hmm, it seems this is only a problem in Wyrmstooth specifically, can't reproduce it in Tamriel. Will try reverting to an older version of Wyrmstooth xLODGen fiiles to see if that addresses it. Edit: I haven't been to Wyrmstooth before, so it's possible this has always been the case and that I'm just now finding out about it.
  8. Hi there, I recently updated my LOD's (not DynDOLOD itself) using the clean save method outlined in the manual. However, when I started playing, every time landscape LOD's would load in, I was getting a crosshatch pattern on the texture as it loaded in, where any given LOD's texture looked like it was made up of differently-bright squares, so that each square is beside squares of a very different level of brightness: with the result that any loading-in texture ends up looking like a checkerboard. This is pretty distracting and visually ugly as heck. It wasn't doing this before I updated my LOD's, and I've updated my LOD's at least a dozen times before without this happening - though, interestingly, this is the first time I've done the clean save update method and the first time I've run into this visual glitch. Does anyone know what might cause this and how I might fix it? Edit: would it have anything to do with running xLODGen wrong or TexGen?
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