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Creating LOD for Mindflux's Water for ENB waterfalls


I want to generate waterfall and rapid LODs based on the Water for ENB meshes/textures.


I have HD LODs Textures for SE, DynDOLOD + DynDOLOD resources, and Water for ENB.


As far as I know, Water for ENB does not include its own LODs.


What would I need to do so that running DynDOLOD generates LOD for waterfalls/rapids based on the Water for ENB meshes and textures?


Would I need to hide some of the DynDOLOD resources' waterfall/rapids files? Or just set specific rules in DynDOLOD mesh rules when I run it? If so, which ones?


Any help would be great, thank you.


Edit: I think Sheson answered a similar question for me before, but I'm still not 100% clear on whether unticking visible when distant will create the LOD generation I'm looking for here.

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What is wrong or not working with simply generating DynDOLOD with defaults dynamic LOD?

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