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Water LOD issue


It seems I'm out of luck.
This is the new version with Dyndolod:


How to get rid of that line?
In this screen, you can see the water flow going in two different directions: https://imgur.com/BhWuT87
Near water is flowing to the left, far water is flowing to the right.
RW2 is already at the end of the load order.
Obs: already tried 23407 and nothing changed.


If I remove RW2, the water flows only to the left, but the line is still visible, with the far water still brighter.


I installed the LOD in this order: DynDOLOD resources SE, RW2, then run TexGen and DynDOLOD. TexGen overwrote the resources mod. I removed TexGen but the issue still persists.

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As everybody knows DynDOLOD generates object and tree LOD only. That means DynDOLOD does not generate and does not change cell water LOD.


When generating the DynDOLOD plugins the winning records from the last plugins are copied, e.g. the winning overwrite for the worldrecord that defines the cell water LOD.


Make sure the load order is finalized before generating LOD with DynDOLOD, so it uses the desired records from the correct plugins when generating the DynDOLOD plugins.


There is only one type of LOD water for an entire worldspace. If certain lakes/rivers use very different looking/flowing water types it is nearly impossible to not have seams somewhere.

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