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Onetweak needed?

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So i re watched the srle extended guide, and i saw he wrote that all the "core" files are like must have mods wich is part of the guide.. do i rly need the Onetweak mod ? Im not going to run it in borderless window mode cuz i think my 1080ti can handle it , i hope atleast.. And also, will borderless fullscreen mode decrease quality in any way? Im running skyrim on 2k res on my asus pg279q.. And one last thing, when i was installing critter fixes mod i had an option to install 101bugs willow mod patch, just to realize that the whole guide didnt have this mod included as an download option.. now ive always played skyrim with that mod mods adding more creatures and critters anyone got an idea why they did not include 101bugs in the guide ? Thanks !!!

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