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floadtreedistance or Distant Object Detail on Ultra Macro-Stuttering fix?





I've started modding Skyrim on a new PC with decent specs, and was surprised when I was experiencing noticeable "macro-stuttering" when running around outside Whiterun on a horse in third person. After much testing and research, I came across a 2015 post on here by DynDOLOD mod author Sheson, claiming that when ftreeloaddistance is set to 1,000,000 , and you cross a cell border it causes stuttering.


So I tried it out and enabled cell borders in the console and set ftreeloaddistance to 1000000. Sure enough whenever I crossed a cell border there was a large stutter. When I put this value down to 40,000 , or set Distant Object Detail from Ultra to High, the stutters went away or became too small too notice.


My question is if this issue has been fixed or if there is a way to keep Distant Object Detail on Ultra and still remove this stutter?



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