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4k and efficient use of graphics processing



Been playing Skyrim a while at 20-30fps using ENBs, decided to try fresh install with STEP


I did the whole shebang (no patches, somewhat broken install due to missing mod)  and was struck by how good hi-res looks with no ENB. Dyndolod was a revelation. I have a 4k OLED TV I play on, and it appears I have about 20 fps to play with (by my reckoning) and was thinking of moving to 4K textures. How quickly would I blow through that FPS with a GTX 980? Would Ugrids or reshader like that be a better upgrade?


Thanks for your hard work

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I would stay away from adjusting uGrids. It's generally no longer a recommended tweak.


As for the 4K textures, it really depends on what objects you choose to bump up to the higher resolution. NPCs and creatures won't effect things that much, however, landscapes and buildings will. Anything the game loads a lot of, you'll probably want to avoid bumping to 4K. I have a GTX 1060 and only use 4K for things that I will be getting close to or for things which are bigger in size which I feel justifies the added detail. The reason I follow this philosophy is because 9/10 times you'll never noticed the added detail unless you're screenarching and spending time at close range to objects. Most interiors you can get away with 4K everything without much issue. Exteriors are another beast entirely due to the shear amount of textures loaded at once. I typically limit myself to 2K for most exterior objects.

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