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Uninstalled a mod and now DynDOLOD gets an error trying to add its master.


Its hard to even google for solutions since my understanding of modding is still a little vague and I don't know how to describe it properly, but what I've found so far involves reinstalling the mod so I can clean its masters (or was it something to do with dependencies? Something like that) in xedit.


There's also instructions out there about disabling the bashed patch before running DynDOLOD, but I don't remember having to do that when I first installed and ran DynDOLOD as per STEP instructions, so I don't know if they apply to me or not.


Can someone give me some easy to follow instructions to fix this?


(Here's the last few lines from the script just in case someone wants them.

[00:00:09.639] Background Loader: [DynDOLOD.esp] Adding master "RealisticWaterTwo.esp"
[00:00:09.639] Background Loader: [DynDOLOD.esp] Adding master "ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp"
[00:00:09.639] Background Loader: [ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp] Loading file
[00:00:09.647] Background Loader: Fatal: <EOSError: System Error.  Code: 2.
The system cannot find the file specified>
[00:00:43.877] Background Loader: finished)
(Just in case more background info is needed.
This all came about from me finishing a STEP install, deciding I wanted an enb preset after all, uninstalling ELE - Lite since its incompatible with my chosen preset (NLA), installing all NLA patches, reapplying the bashed patch, DSR, and FINIS, and then finally running into this hiccup. If I can just get DynDOLOD working right I can finally launch the game and see If I installed my enb correctly.)
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Read the manual. Especially the section "Updating"

The risks of removing mods from a save game are well known. Having said that, if a mod is removed from the load order and it is a master in DynDOLOD.esp, try 'Clean Masters' in xEdit.exe. If it can not be removed, generate from scratch.

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