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BodySlide custom sliders



Hello everyone,



So, I have been using BodySlide through Mod Organizer to create a custom body, and in the process I created two custom sliders that I'm using on the aforementioned body.


Then, I tried to simply build the body but of course since the paths are different it didn't work. I then used this video :



and did the same thing he says to do, "Batch Build" using ctrl to be able to choose the folder then creating a new mod with the resulting files.


However, the custom sliders I created aren't taken into account in the body that shows up in game. I don't know where to go from there, so if I'm not doing the right thing, or if anyone has any knowledge about this process that could help me, I would be very grateful...


Thanks in advance!

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I usually create a new folder on desktop and point Bodyslide to that folder (bodyslide settings) . Then create body+feet+hands with bodyslide. You open the new folder on desktop and check body meshes are there then create a zip "My body slide body" or any other name. Just import the zip as normal mod on MO and put it under bodyslide on the left pane of MO. That way it have to work 100% unless you overwrite it with any other mod (some armors / skin mods also have custom body inside). Or to avoid it to be overwritten put your created body at the very bottom in the left pane of MO


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I have not been able to play Skyrim for about a year.  Major computer collapses at that time.  Lost Mod Organizer.  Starting with a new system.  Still windows 7.  I have had several medical issues so it has taken me all this time to muster what it takes to reinstall everything.  I have been using Body Slide for many years both with Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organize.  Though I am not an expert I do have some experience in how they operate.  I hold MO and all of the people I have dealt with there in high esteem.  HELP PLEASE.


In working with Body Slide I have found several unusual occurrences. 

1)      After creating the body with body slide it does not show up in any file within MO.

It does show up in game in some ways.  What I mean by this is if my character is wearing one piece of armor it appears properly.  When that same piece of armor is removed the body returns to another body that I previously created and deleted.  If Another piece of armor is placed on the character the that piece might be correct but it shows up with the new correct body.  STRANGE!  It is as if the old Body Slides that I created and deleted are not being deleted.  Also, it is as if the old Groups are not being deleted.


2)      After saving the Body Preset and the Groupe, nether one shows up in any file within MO or Mod Organize.  Nor do they show up within the Body Slide folders.  Again STRANGE.

At one point the Presets and the Group files were added to the Overwrite folder so I created a mod and added it to the mods.  I knew that was not right but worth a try.  That did not help the situation.


3)      Also, not all of the armor mods I have installed are showing up in Body Slide.


I have tried to reinstall Body Slide without a total uninstall and that has not helped matters.  I created a new body and group.  Still no better.


I am down to the idea of uninstalling Body Slide and then install it.  I have even entertained the idea of uninstalling Mod Organizer and starting from scratch.  Neither of these ideas are very appealing. I am in hopes someone can help with my decision.




Another situation pertains to the camera.  In order to be able to view my character as they walk into the camera I found that Victoria’s High Heel Walk works well but not with CHSBHC – PHYSICS.  It was working fine when I started a new character but I lost it when I started creating the body and experimenting with VHH and CHSBHC.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling those mods but it does not make any difference.


I do use SKSE, TES5EDIT, LOOT and FNIS by the way even though LOOT is useless.



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