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  1. Thank you, yes i figured that after a bit, basically setting anizotropy to 0 makes the slider go to LOW, but the anizotropy is managed by the nvidia control panel forced to +16 so basically, the game slider is not important anymore. One more little question. The HD Reworked Project, in the guide is not exactly clear (to me) how we are supposed to install it. I downloaded the manual version as you said, then i installed it using WMM. It's ok or it is supposed to be installed by drag manually the files? I see the mod does have a mods.settings priority (inside the archive, i found his own mods.settings), but you dont include it at the end of your guide in the mods.settings we create, this is also a bit confusing. Of course i used your instructions and created the mods.settings with only the records you said. Anyway, everything work charm, Thanks a lot for your guide and your time.
  2. Everything work as intended. Only one question: By using your user.settings tweaks, in-game graphical settings i see "Texture Quality - LOW" is that supposed to happen? the Texture quality goes on low?
  3. The supposed issues with win 10 happens only if you use the appdata (aka not portable) installation of MO2. Using the portable version (it's basically the same as MO1) no issue show up except the occasional crash launching 3th party tools like SSEdit or WB, and even those happen rarely. I'm on win 10 pro Creators, using it for both FO4 and SSE . All the rage vs MO2 comes from who press "next, next, next" without even know what they doing. Sent from my MHA-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Yep, but point is that if with Bash patch there is no game breaking bugs, even who is unable (like me) to proper create conflict resolution patches, can play the whole game with this pack. Sent From My Huawei Mate 9 Using Tapatalk
  5. Doing the TES5MergePatch + Bashed Patch, after 2-3 hours i didnt noticed anything not working as intended. But i only played slightly more than 2 hours so there is still time to find something wrong.
  6. He's updating the post 1 when he add/modify/remove stuff
  7. I use it on MO2 and work like a charm, the bugs of MO2 are mostly gone. On a side note WB is super easy to use as manager, give it a try. I use MO2 only because I want to keep a clean SkyrimSE installation
  8. That make sense. Thanks for taking time and make it clear. After the failed attempt of make paid mods, this scared me out.
  9. Any way to fix it on my own or gotta wait for Game fever to fix it? Thanks Inviato dal mio MHA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Cheers I just saw you confirmed on my post on nexus. Thanks Inviato dal mio MHA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Hi Paul, do you happen to have a first person bug with (and only with) the book of uunp necromancer robes? (the more skimpy ones) where you have floating hands and invisible arms? With any other armor no issues, but with the necromancer robe it happens. I also did trucchi​ with only book of uunp and no other mods, with a different body mod as well, still happens. I wonder if it's just me or everyone Inviato dal mio MHA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. So basically we going to pay in future to have mods? Or I got this wrong? Inviato dal mio MHA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. Ouch, you made it sound as i made everything wrong :P About SMC, i suppose is "Skyrim Mod Combiner" for Oldrim, are all the pack working with SSE aswell without issues? if so, i think i give it a try. Bijin indeed is just a matter of taste, i just use Warmaidens, and cover other 60 npc with Ordinary Women, loaded and saved out in CK to max the compatiblity. I use Book of UUNP aswell, but it does not contain the DX armors, those i added after the BO-UUNP. ENB aswell is matter of taste, your suggested Reshade is a piece of art, fantastic really. But im seriously a noob and have no experiance on modifiy settings on reshade, while on ENB i am able to "personalize" it as i want, that's why i use it. Now, i never understood how to make the conflict res patch, so i skip it (i watched tons of vids about how to, and always ended up messing things up), that's why i use the TES5Merge patch, is it bad? im better remove it even if i dont use the handmade conflict resolution? Thanks for telling to not use the bashed, i just remove it then. Cheers
  14. Your full pack then I'm using MO2 not WB, done tes5merge patch, then bashed patch. As for info i added obis SE, paradise city SE, webs SE, Bijin warmaidens SE , unread books glow SE, ordinary women (ported), all the dx armor collection, AFT SE , skyhide dont show headgear, better vampire lord transformation SE, amb book of silence Armors + blade armor sse fix, ez2c Dialoge menu SE, the 20% more perk for ordinator, the Breezhome TNF I ported to SE (I set it hidden because Eli one is probably better), KS Hairs + KS Multicolor, Demoniac Skin, Mikan Eyes, More vampire Eyes SE, equippable tattoos unp SE. Also using Rudy ENB for VW + ELFX modified to work with Dolomite So far no issues, everything work wonders. Just telling so maybe you can see something you like. Paradise city is really worth imo. Inviato dal mio MHA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. But honestly Vanilla Perks are really done in rush and you feel it while playing a mage. Ordinator is the best choice, but most of EnaiSiaion mods are really worth, tested and perfectioned over years. Also for STEP i don't see the need to keep vanilla Perks, you don't lose the general vanilla feel and you get more balance by using Ordinator. Plus it open up a lot of variation and lot of new possible viable builds. Just my 5 cents Inviato dal mio MHA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
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